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75 Popular Pet Cats! Which cat is suitable for you?

Recently, pet cats are becoming very popular.
We would like to introduce 75 cat types out of more than 500 cat breeds in the world.

You can know personalities,characteristics,and prices of famous cats.

We hope this article would be a help for you!


<Types of Cat: Row of y (や行)>


Ukrainian Levkoy


The name is long bur Ukrainian means “Ukraine's” and Levekoy means flowers in Russia since their ears look like flowers

This is the new type of cat with no hair and folds ears.



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A Cat With No Hair and Fold Ears


Ukrainina Levkoy was born in result of the hybritatin of Donskoy and Scottish Fold .

This is the new type of cat that was born in 2004.

Only Ukrain and Russia officaliy recognize this cat as cat type, but international society still doesn’t recognize it officially.

The cat doesn’t have hair or slight have little hair.

Since its unique appearance, people might avoid them but their personality is friendly and fawn the owners are so into the cats.

Things you need to pay attention when you have this cat is that they are easy to get ski disease due to the hairless skin.

Please give them shower and wipe their bodies.

Also, the fold ears make easier for them to get disease of ears

Please check whether there is nothing strange in their ears.

The fold ears are abnormal.

The hybridization of cats with fold ears makes cats that can have a serious disease so please do not this hybridization.


Basic Information about Ukrainian Levloy


Name: Ukrainian Levkoy

Origin: Ukrain

Hair: hairless

Weirhgt: 3.0~4.5kg



York Chocolate



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The Unique Chocolate Color


The start of York Chocokate is the brown cat which was born in the Janet Chifary family who run farming in New York.

They started breeding from the crown cat, and the cat won the final prize at the cat show in 1989.

Tha gets certified by CFF in 1992 and by CCA in 1995. The recognition is expanding even though it has the only  a short history.

They are called York Chocolate, but there are bi-colours such as lyrac, white chocolate and lyrak white.


They are friendly, so they do not hesitate being hanged nor pet.

Due to the short hair, you only have to comb their hair once a week.


Basic Information about York Chocolate


Name: York Chocolate

Origin: America

Weight: 4.5~7.2kg



European Shorthair


European Shorthair is the old cat that has lived in Europe so much time. However, it officially assigned as official cat type in 1982.

Since they were born naturally, they have healthy bodies.



Cute Chubby Cat


European Shorthair was considered as the same type of cat with British Shorthair .

However, cats in Scandinavian Peninsula were assigned on the purpose of preservation. Then the new cat type, European Shorthair was established.


The cat has strong and chubby body like other naturally born cats have.

The hair is short and dense, shiny, and the color is different from individual.

They personality is socially active, and those families that have kids can easily have the cat.

However, they are sensitive about their territory, so please pay attention that they can live separately from other animals.


Basic Information about European Shorthair


Name: European Shorthair

Origin: Europe

Hair: Short

Weight: 3.5~7kg

Body type: semi-cobby



<Types of Cats: row of l and r (ら行)>




This rare cat looks like wolf.

This is the new type of cat which was certified in 2012.



A Little Wolf


Lykoi is born under the very few chances.

The first Lykoi was born with the hybridization of the cats with less hair.

The hair of Lykoi is a pattern called “loan“ which independent white and black are mixed.

The hair changed with its development.

They have hair when they are born. However, the hair comes off after 3weeks from its birth. In 10 weeks, they have the loan patterns as same as adult cats.

Also, the hair would completely come off in spring and become like Sphynx.

In the season of loan pattern, there would be no hair around eyes, ears, nose and mouse. This is why the cat is called wolf cat.

Also, they are loyalty to human, and it is like the dog.

Due to the limited number of the cat, it is hard to have the cat, but the popularity has been increasing.


Basic Information about Lykoi


Name: Lykoi

Origin: America

Hair: short


Body type: foreign





Ragamuffin is designed base on cat-Ragdoll.

The name “ Ragdoll ” is only used in cat breed that artificially breeds from IRA (international Ragdoll Cat Association) which is founded by Ann Baker.

RFCI Ragdoll Fanciers Club International is an association founded by those breeders who have object stand on franchise business. Uses Rogoll as a base, hybrid between Himalayan and Persian are known as Ragamuffin.



The Biggest Cat among Cat Breed


Ragamuffin that based on Ragdoll. They have big and muscular body.  It takes long time for them to grow, approximately four years.


Moreover “Ragamuffin” is known as “naughty boy” in English. Name Ragamuffin was given by stuff in RFCI and said to be they were joking.

They tried to change the name but have been rejected. Consequently, Ragamuffin is used till today.


Basic Information about Ragamuffin


Name: Ragamuffin

Origin: America (USA)

Hair type: long

Weight: 4.5~9.0kg

Body type: long substantial 





Ragdoll is heaviest among all cats breed. Some are over 10kg.

This is equilibrium to 2~3 years child weight.




The Best Comfy Hug Among All Cat?


“Ragdoll” is known as “robot doll” in English. The name was given as “Ragdoll” because they could keep quiet while man hug or even the comfortable touch due to their hairy body.

Thus Ragdoll is also known as “Hug cat.” However, as the cat grows, they became heavier. Nonetheless, they are still many of them love to hug the cat. Perhaps they just want to touch something soft.


As Ragdoll easily get fat, an owner shall pay attention to cats’ weight.

If one wants to keep Ragdoll as a pet, Food serving must be well managed.  Remember, don’t feed too much.


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Basic Information about Ragdoll


Name: Ragdoll

Origin: America

Hair: Long

Weight: 4.5~9.0kg

Body type: Long and substantial





As we can see, LaPerm has long hairy fur.

They are born in Oregon. The parents are said to be no-hair and they born because of mutation.

Name given as Laperm because of its look. A permanent perm.




The Most Curious Cat Among the Breed


LaPerm express curiosity on many things. They love to play around.

Be prepare for cats toys and spend some time on playing with the cat.

Originally they were kept in a farm to capture rats or bugs. Thus LaPerm is still known as working cat in today's world.


Moreover, some Lamper ill seek for petting.

They are usually different from normal hairy hair. Is not it gaining some fans?


If the owner is willing to keep the special characteristic, this cat is recommended.


Basic Information about LaPerm


Name: LaPerm

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.2~4kg

Body type: semi foreign




Lamkin refers to “lamb.” As Lamkin appearance is similar to Lamb.

Thus the name Lamkin is given.



Fluffy and Curly Hair Cat


Lamkin is the breed of cat that is the hybrid between, the short-legged cat, Munchkin ,  and the curled coat, Selkirk Rex.

Lamkin inherited parents characteristic, the short hair and curled hair

As the smallest size for this breed is only 1.8kg, and people starts to relate the cat as “lamb.”

They are pretty sociable and playful.

They don’t cry much and suit for those people who stay in the mansion.

As it is still categorized as an examining cat breed.

Therefore there is some uncertainty in how to keep Lamkin well.

But there is still some point of cautions that owner shall aware on. Lamkin is easily affected by bacteria, and skin disorder is commonly seen.


Attention on skin and hair care are required.

Perhaps, routine checkup session might be a good choice.

Moreover, for those who have short legs, there is higher possibility to be a hernia.

Overweight is one of the key factors that cause a hernia. Therefore do not feed the cat too much. Throwing off from high ground is also one of the factors.


Basic Informatin about Lamkin


Name: Lamkin

Origin: America

Hair: Short and Long

Body Type: semi^foreign



Russian Blue


Gray hair and emerald green eyes are characteristic of Russian blue

As name shows, they are from Russia.  




A Dog in Cat Breed


They are famous in loyalty. Therefore some breeder will assume them like a dog. They hardly get close with the people except for their owner. Isn't it just like a dog? If one wants to keep a cat like a dog, Russian blue is recommended.


Russian blue is an anti-sociable cat and rarely contact with the people or even animal from outside. They are shy and sensitive cats. Repeating something they don’t like will lead to worsening the relationship between cats and owner.


The Most Quite Cat


Russian blue rarely cry, and thus there are said to be “voiceless cat.”


As they are as smart as a dog and also quiet, we recommend these cat to those who willing to stay peacefully with a cat.


A Beautiful Iris Cat


As mention above, Russian blue have the emerald green iris. Is not it very attractive?

In fact, when Russian Blue is at a young age, their eyes are blue. It takes two years to be such beautiful eyes. 


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Basic Information about Russian Blue


Name: Russian Blue

Origin: Russia

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.2~5.0kg

Body type: foreign



Summary of Cats Breed


As we introduce all cats breed in one go lets recall what we have introduced.


Page 1:


<Types of cats: the row of A (あ)>


American Curl

American Bobtail

American Shorthair

American Wirehair


Exiotic Shorthair

Egyptian Mau

Ocicat Ojos

Ojos Azules

Oriental Shorthair


Page 2 :


<Types of cats: row of k (か行)>

Colour Point Shorthair



Clipper Cat

Kyrilian Bobtail


Cornish Rex


Page 3 :


<Types of cats: row of s(さ行)>


German Rex





Japanese Bobtail


Scottish Fold



Sekrik Rex





Page 4 :


<Types of cats: row of t (た行)>

Turkish Angora

Turkish Van



Desert Lynx

Devon Rex


Toy Bob

Dragon Li



<Types of cats: row of n (な行)>


Norweigian Forest Cat


Page 5 :


<Types of cats: row of h (は行)>

Highland Lynx

Havana Brown







Brazilian Shorthair






Page 6 :


<Types of cats: row of m (ま行)>




Minuet (Napoleon)


Maine Coon

Mekong Bobtail

Mohave Bob


Page 7 :


<Types of cat: row of y (や行)>

Ukrainian Levkoy

York Chocolate

Europian Shorthair


<Types of cats: row of l (ら行)>






Russian Blue



We have introduce many cats, from an ordinary cats to rarely mentioned cat. If you have found any cats you like after reading this article, I as an author will be so happy for you.


As mention in very first part in the article, keeping a cat has begun to be a trend recently.

As cat usually welcome their owner back home, especially for those elderly or live alone, they will prefer and looking forward to keep a cat as a pet. If you have manage to find a cat that suit you, it will be a great partner.


After studying cats’ characteristic, some may really want to keep them as a pet.

Thus there are some article and information regards how to keep cat as a pet. By reading these, there will be deeper understanding on knowing the way to keep cats.


Summary of how to keep a cat, cost, moisture, food, illness.

Recommendation of cat food and choice of cat food.

Recommendation of cat toys


After reading further on given article, is not it closer the gap between you and the cat?

Even though some may be a ease to keep a cat but still not to forget they are living animal. Just like a human. Please treat them seriously and be a responsible owner.


For those who really love cats, cats are already waiting for you.

Moreover, in addition to this article, if there is further inquiry regards to cats breed, please contact us, Petpedia editorial department