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75 Popular Pet Cats! Which cat is suitable for you?

Recently, pet cats are becoming very popular.
We would like to introduce 75 cat types out of more than 500 cat breeds in the world.

You can know personalities,characteristics,and prices of famous cats.

We hope this article would be a help for you!


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Highland Lynx


Highland Lynx has curled ears and wild outlook.

This cat belongs to one of the four cat group called Desert Lynx.

The nickname is "Hilander".



Cool Ears and Wild Appearance


Highland Lynx was created by the hybridization of Jangle Curl and Desert Lynx.

Both Highland Lynx and its parent Desert Lynx are belong to the cat type of Desert Lynx.

Since those cats inherited blood from wild cat, they have masculine body like Civet cat  and long back legs.

They have short or no tail.

They are categorized depend on the shape of ears and types of hair. Highland Lynx is categorized as the cat group that have “curly ears and straight hair”.

The combination of wild appearance and curly ears are cool, aren’t they?

Contract to the appearance, their personality is loyalty and friendly.


Basic Information about Highland Lynx


Name: Highland Lynx

Origin: America

Hair: short and long

Weight: 4.5~8kg

Body type: Long&substantial



Havana Brown


Havana Brown is the result of the hybridization of Sham and a black cat that have a little bit of blood from Sham.

The name came after the shape of tobacco in Havana or color of the hair which is similar to Havana rabbit.


A Chocolate Color Cat


Since the color of the cat is chocolate color, this might be popular to women.

Sham is the parent of the cat, so the body is smooth and strong.

The personality is also positive and active which inherited from Sham.

If you can meet the chocolate color one, you are the lucky one!


Basic Information about Havana Brown


Name: Havana Brown

Origin: England

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.7~4.5

Body type: semi-foreign





This is the long hair Sham . This cat was treated as “failed Sham” during 1920s.

They were sold as pet cats. However, two breeders: Marion Dorothy and Helen Smith liked this cat and started breeding them in the 1950s.

In 1970, CFA officially assigned this cat finally.



A Cat with Smooth and Beautiful Body


Balinese is oriental typed of cat and has smooth body.

They have V shaped face and the almond shape eyes.


This cat is called long hair Sham, but the hair is not so long.

It is a bit longer than short hair cats.


Basic Information about Balinese


Name: Balinese

Origin: America

Hair: Long

Weight: 2.5~4.0

Body type: Oriental





Birman was born in Myanmar. They have unique white foot called grove.

It seems that they wear white socks.




A Secred Cat


The cat is considered as saint in Myanmar. There is a legend of this cat.

Thus, their personality is calm and easy to have as a pet.


The beautiful long hair seems difficult to take care. However, it is a single court, and there are fewer chances that have hair balls.

This cat might be suitable for those who want to be covered by the fluffy hair.


This type of cat is categorized as the big cat, but you don’t need to worry about exercising because they don’t gain weight.

It is still good for the cats to have exercise.


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Basic Information about Birman


Name: Birman

Origin: Myanmar

Hair: Long

Weight: 2.5~6.5kg

Body type: Long, substantial





It is said that the origin of Burmese is brown cat, Wonmau, that was owned by the temple in Mummer during the 1930s.

Now there are American Burmese and European Burmese, but the ancient is the one, Woman.




Beautiful Shiny Hair


Burmese has shiny and beautiful hair.

The face and body are round and so cute.


Their personalities are active and kind.

They don’t mew very loud, so this type of cat is suitable for the beginner of pet owners.


Basic Information of Burmese


Name: Burmese

Origin: Myanmar

Hair: short

Weight: 3.0~6.0

Body type: semi-cobby





This cat was born with the hybridization of Persian and Sham .

It inherits the good features of the parents and super cute.




Calm and Sweet Cat


Since it inherits the blood from Sham, the personality is gentle and kind, and not so active.

The black face is also inherited from the parent.


Also, the eyes are only suppheierblue.

This is also the feature that brought from Sham because there is no one like this among Persian.


One thing that is like Persian is the face is flat.

Also, the hair is fluffy.

This is one of the cats which is hard to take care its hair, so you must comb their hair every day to keep them healthy and beautiful.


Basic Information about Himalayan


Name: Himalayan

Origin: America

Hair: Long

Weight: 3.2~6.5

Body type: cobby





What makes this cat special is the wild appearance that seems like a wild cat. They inherit the blood from Lynx.

The body is masculine, and there is a cat that goes over 8kg.



A Sweet Cat Unlike its Appearance


Due to the appearance, some might feel that the cat is scary but its personality is sweet.

Also, this cat is famous for its friendliness and smartness, and there are even cats who understand what human say.

If there is an owner who wants to talk with a cat, you might be able to communicate with them.

Especially, this cat is suitable for those who want to have physical interaction wit


Basic Information about Pixie-Bob


Name: Pixie-Bob

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 4.0~8.0

Body type: Long substantial





This cat is sometimes called “grumpy mid-age man”, but this is natural face.

It is both ugly and cute.

The other nick names are “exotic fold” and “exo-fold.”




Inner voices of the cat “sorry for my ugly-cute face.”


A Cat Breed with Unique Face


Foldex has flat nose, round face and cute eyes.

The body is chubby, and it looks like an owl.

A Canadian breeder hybridized Scottish fold and Exotic Shorthai r.

The flat nose came from Exotic Shorthair.

And the fold ears came from the Scottish fold.

There are both short and long hair cats so you can enjoy many types of appearance.

The personality is curios and friendly, so please play with them a lot.


Basic Information about Foldex


Name: Folder

Origin: Canada

Hair: short/long


Body type: cobby



Brazilian Shorthair


Brazilian Shorthair is the first official cat in Brazil.

The shiny and comfy hair like silk are very famous.



The First Breed in Brazil


Brazilian Shorthair was born in result of the mix of the old cat in Brazil and the Iberia island cat from Portugal.

Paulo Samuel Rauki established this cat as one of the types of the cat.

The hair is differ from individuals but the touching is like silk and looks shiny.


The body is skinners than American Shorthair and more masculine than Sham .

The personality is sweet and they often get grumpy.

This cat wants attention from people, so please play with them a lot.


Basic Information about Brazilian Shorthair


Name: Brazilian Shorthair

Origin: Brazil

Hair: Short

Weight: 3~5kg

Body type: semi-cobby





Bramble was created by habitation Peter Bold and Bengal.

This is a very rare type, and we can hardly meet them in Japan.



Sally Whiteさん(@sallywhiteper)がシェアした投稿 -


Very Rare Cat Breed


Bramble is the rarest type of cat in the world.

They have wiry hair and the russet pattern skin underneath the hair.

Since they have the blood from Bengal, they are wild, and love exercise.

Also, if they see the toys that look like the mouse, they would attach them like the tiger.

Please be careful not to give the small animal if you have one.

To the human, they are friendly and socially active.

Recently, it is challenging to have the cats. If you get the chance to meet them, you are so lucky.


Basic Information about Bramble


Name: Bramble

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: No data





Bengal was born as the result of the hybridization of Asian leopard cat.

They look very wild because they have blood from Civet Cat.




The Wild Cat


Many of you are attracted by the wild appearance.

The fur is very popular for the leopard pattern lovers.


They love playing so it might be better if you could prepare cat towers and cat toys for them.

This cat is suitable for those who can make enough time to play with them.


Unlike the wild appearance, they are very friendly and fawn on owners. This gap attracts many people.


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Basic Information about Bengal


Name: Bengal

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 3.5~8.0kg

Body type: long substantial




The official origin is unclear. However, it is said that the long hair cat or Turkish Angola was the root of the cat.

The fluffy hair is beautiful and earned attention from people in a cat show.




The King of Cat


They are calm and don’t mew so the cats are suitable for the beginners of cat owners. The gorgeous hair and chubby face are very popular, and they always got attention in cat shows.

Due to the beautiful appearance, the cat is called “the line of a cat.”

For the beauty, you need to try hard to keep it, and you must comb their hair once a day.

Brushing the hair is very important in terms of physical interaction with cats.


Also, they tend to have tears in their nose due to the flat nose.

Thus, eye mucus readily emerges, so please wipe off them when you find it.

If you leave it there, the hair surrounding the eyes would change its color and have a bad effect on the cat.


Basic Information about Persia


Name: Persia

Origin: England

Hair: Long

Weight: 3.2~6.5

Body type: Cobby





Bombay was born by the mix of Balinese and American Shorthai r.

They were created with the image of black panzer, and its name came from the Bombay in India where there are many black dancers.




The Closest Cat to Black Panther


The darkness is what Bombay makes special. It is small black panther.

There is no color other than black, and its eye is yellow.


This cat looks like “Jiji” from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

They don’t mew and smart. In addition, they don’t require time to comb their hair, so this is very suitable for the beginner of having a cat as a pet.


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Basic Information about Bombay


Name: Bombay

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.7~5.0kg

Body type: semi-cobby