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75 Popular Pet Cats! Which cat is suitable for you?

Recently, pet cats are becoming very popular.
We would like to introduce 75 cat types out of more than 500 cat breeds in the world.

You can know personalities,characteristics,and prices of famous cats.

We hope this article would be a help for you!


<Types of cat: row of s (さ行)>




Siberian history is can be trace back to 1000 A.C.E in Russia. 

It is natural breed and russian president, Gorbachev and Medvedev kept it as a pet as well. Even Putin gave it as present to the governor of Akita Prefecture. it’s name is “Mir”.


The cat is also known as ”Siberia cat” or “Siberian Forest Cat”.They manage to survive under extreme cold weather. Long hair play a vital role and is not those hair beautiful?




A Cat Like a Dog?


Siberian is relatively smart cat among all cats. Some say they are smarter than dogs. They are also capable of interacting with their owner. Such as completing given instruction “Sit down” “hand touch” and “throw and catch.”

We highly recommend this cat to those who wish to build up the bonding between their pet.


Moreover Siberian hardly causes cat allergic. Thus it may be suitable to those who resist keeping a cat as the pet due to an allergic problem.


Originally Siberian is used as a hunting cat.  They are hyperactive.

Thus sufficient space provided to cats are suggested.

Especially space extending in upright is suggested to those who own small houses.


As seen in the picture, isn’t it has beautiful hair. Please don’t forget to brush their hair every day and treat it as a daily body touch.


Basic Information about Siberian


Name: Siberian

Origin: Russia

Hair type: long

Weight 4.59 kg

Body type: long substantial



German Rex


German Rex is breed of black cat that found in Berlin in 1951.

Likewise to Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, German Rex also has curvy hair, and they have the longest history among curvy hair cat.



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Very Smart Cat


Naturally curvy hair, German Rex,  has high IQ among the cats.

Some can even learn how to perform. In addition to the intelligence, they are also the sociable cat that suits for those who already own other breed or even a small child.


Sufficient space must be given to those cat as they are hyperactive. They even learn acrobatically.  A high cat tower might be enough toys for them to play with.

Please make your time to play with the cat to prevent it from lack of exercise.

Please also take note that, there is a site for “ recommended cat toys.


Basic Information about German Rex


Name: German Rex

Origin: Germany

Hair Type: short

Lifespan: 11~14 years

Weight: 2.5~5.4kg






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This breed has short, lovely legs and wild appearance.
Also, this breed was born in 2006.


A Cat Like A Civet Cat


To produce a cat that looks similar to African jaguar cat, men took Munchkin for hybrids. Consequently, Genetta is produced.  

Geneta was created to produce a cat looks like Africa Civet Cat by hybritizing Manchican and Bengal, Oriental Shorthair and Sabanna.

The dots patters create wild impression like African Civet Cat.

SInce the cat inherites blood from Mantican, the legs are short and the body is long. It looks like a dachshund .

There are some kitty that have long legs and people cannnot tell from Bengal and the cat.


It is still on the way of developing.

I think this cat type will be popular in Japan too.

Please pay attention that they not to get disc herniation.


Basic Information about Genetta


Name: Ginetta

Origin: America

Hair: short

Weight: 3~6kg





Due to the smiling mouth, the cat is called smiling cat.

Blue silver gray hair is the unique feature of this cat.



Treasure of France


Originally, Chartreux is name of the area between France and Italy. The origin of the cat is France.

The former president of France and other celebrities have had the cats.

Since then, Chartreux is recognized as the treasure of France.


Only say, the cat has the muscular body with short hair and short neck.

Besides the appearance, some might think it is a cat like a dog.


Basic Information about Shartreux


Name: Chartreux

Origin: France

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.5~6.5kg

Body type: semi-cobby





The cat has soft hair and beautiful eyes.

There are many ways to call the cat. Beside Chantilly, people call it “Foreign Longhair,” “Tiffany” and “Chantily Tiffany.”



Singing Cat


Chantily also has the name as “singing cat” because it sings like bird.

Since it is a very rare type of cat, you cannot see them in the pet shop.

If you are interested, you should check adoption.


Basic Information about Chantilly


Name: Chantilly

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.5~5.5kg





Its origin is in drain in Singapore so they were called “drain cats”.

However, it changes a lot in recent years.




The Smallest Cat


Singapura is assigned as the smallest cat in the world.

The weight goes 2kg maximam.

Also, the hair shines depend on degree; the cat is called fairy cat.

The body itself is small, and the crying is small, it is easy to have them in an apartment.

Moreover, it doesn't need large space to live, so the cat is suitable for those who live by themselves or in the small house.


Basic Information about Singapura


Name: Singapura

Origin: Singapore

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.0~3.5kg

Body: Semi-cobby



Japanese Bobtail


As its name says, the cat was born in Japan.

The cat has long ears, long face, masculine body and strong appearance.



Short Tail Cat


The most interesting feature of this cat is the short and round tail.

Its length is about 7 to 10cm. It is curled and so cute.


This type of cat is super rare since it is technically mixed.

If you want to have them, it might be better to get information from pet shops or breeders.


Basic Information about Japanese Bobtail


Name: Japanese Bobtail

Origin: Japan

Hair: Short and Long

Weight: 3.0~5.5kg

Body type: foreign






Mewlissah & KittenKaboodleさん(@mewnboo)が投稿した写真 -


Skookum have short legs and curled hair.

Even though it has the short history, it is already popular in Japan.


Short legs and curly hair


Skookum was produced by a breeder in America during 1990s.

It was hybridized with Mantican and Laparm.

The hair is curled even in eye brows and moustaches.

Also, the way they walk is so cute and makes us very relaxed.

It is easy to have them in apartments and other places that you need to care neighbors.

Please pay attention to their legs so that they don’t get disc herniation.


Basic Information about Skookum


Name: Skookum

Origin: America

Hair: Short and Long

Weight: 1.5~3.2kg



Scottish Fold


The cat was born in England. It has round face and folds ears.




Calm and Friendy Cat


Scottish Fold is not very active. They can fall a sleep all daylong.

The body is very round, and they often have not enough exercise, so they tent do gain weight easily.

Anyway, they are very calm, so people will love them.


A Cat with Best Round Face


Scottish fold has fold ears and round face. However, the probabilities to meet the cat type with fold ears is 30% which is actually rare.

On the other hand, this type of ears easily gets infections.

Especially, the hybrid of fold ear Scottish Fold will make fold are cats, but if you consider the possibility of infection, we need to think about it.


※For those who want to know more about Scottish Fold, please check the article below.

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Basic Information about Scottish Fold


Name: Scottish Fold

Origin: Scottland

Hair: Short and Long

Weight: 2.5~6.0kg

Body type: semi-cobby



As the name says, Snowshoe refer to the shoes fow walking in snow.

We call it “Kanjiki” in Japanese.

The unique feature of the snowshoe is the legs are all white as if they wore white socks.



Relative of Sham?


Snowshoe mutanted in Sham. You can see how similar it is.

The origin of snowshoe was the one cat born as the kinds of Sham cats.

They hybrid the cat and American Shorthair.

However, the white socks pattern is recessive gene so you can hardly them.


The body is masculine like American shorthair, but they also have the characteristics of Sham so the body type is semi-foreign.


Basic Information about Snowshoe


Name: Snowshoe

Origin. America

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.5~6.5kg

Body Type: semi-foreign


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Sphynx is the cat with no hair at all.

You might get surprised when you first see them.


Due to the unique appearance, some misunderstand that the cat is human made. However, the cat was naturally born in Canada. The wrinkled skin is unique, but all of the other cats also look like it when they get no hair.




A Type of Cat Called "Warm Peach"


As it mentioned above, Sphynx doesn’t have hair, however, the skin is very smooth as they are called warm peach.

The skin is cuddly and comfy.

I strongly recommend you to hug the cat and check it out.

The good poing of this cat is that you don’t have to care about cleaning its hair.


However, you need to take sebum once in a week.

Most of the cats don’t like taking a shower, so it is better to wipe off the sebum with the towel.

Doe to the skin, Sphynx is unable to thermoregulation of the body, the owner has to arrange the room temperature for the cats.


Basic Information about Sphynx


Name: Sphynx

Origin: Canada

Hair: none

Weight: 2.5~4.0kg

Body type: semi-foreign


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Sekrik Rex


The origin of Sekrik Rex is in Montana, the U.S. It was found in 1987 and relatively new among cats.

After then, there have been hybrid with American Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair and Persia。



A Type of Cat Like A Sheep


The mastash and hair is curled, and the skin is fluffy so Sekrik rex is like sheep.

There is no hair like this, so I recommend this cat for those who want to keep touching the hair.


This cat loves to be with someone.

Please be careful if you can’t make enough time to play with them.


On the other hand, this cat is suitable for the family with kids.

Since the cat is lonely、having other animals help them to release the stress.


Basic Information about Selkik Rex


Name: Selkirk Rex

Origin: America

Hair: Short and Long

Weight: 3.0~7.0kg

Body type: semi-cobby






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A Cat Looks like A Wild Cat


The name “Serengeti” comes from Serengeti plain in Tanzania where there are a lot of  wild animals.

The history is not long. This cat was made by Karen Southman who runs cat house in California because she wants a cat that looks like the wild cat.

The origin is Benga l with leopard pattern, and  Oriental shorthair with skinny body.

There is a similar type of cat called Savannah but this contains blood from the wild cat.

On the other hand, Serengeti doesn’t have the blood from the wild cat. It only carries blood from the pet cat.


The number of Serengeti has been increasing because of its big ears and beautiful body shape from Oriental Shorthair.

This type is assigned in TICA, however, since it is on the way of development, we can expect the achievement in the future.

The cat is very friendly and does not require many combing, so there is the possibility to get attention in Japan.


Basic Information about Serengeti


Name: Serengeti

Origin. America

Hair: Short

Weight: 3.6~6.8





Sokoke was found in Sokoke Forest in East Kenya.

Since the weather of Kenya is hot, the hair has developed to adapt the environment.



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A Cat with Hair Like a Wood


The color of the hair is with light and dark brown. This has irregular patterns like bark.

People who don’t know about Sokoke might think the cat is American Shorthair.


Compare to oriental type cats, the body of American Shorthair is more masculine.

The body of Sokoke is skinny and also masculine.


This cat is not human made, so it has a capacity to against diseases.

It is also easy to have, however, since the type is rare, you might have no chance to meet them.


Basic Information about Sokoke


Name: Sokoke

Origin: Kenya

Hair: Short

Lifespan: 10~16 years

Weight: 3~5 kg

Body: Oriental





Somali is called Long Sord Abyssinian.

It looks like Abyssinian with longer hair.




A Cat with Beautiful Shiny Hair


The hair is simply amazing.

CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) assigned four types of Somali, which are red, blue, rudy and fawn.

If we include that unofficial ones, the number of types of Somali is 15.


The feature of Somali’s hair is called thiking, which multiple colors of hair creates light and dark, and shines depend on the lights.

It has the hair which is very fluffy, so you need to take care of it.


The body is skinny and beautiful.

Also, they are calm and don’t mew.

However, they move a lot.


Many people are attracted by the beautiful appearance, however; the cats are susceptible.

It is not good at adapting to new environment and strangers, so this cat is suitable for those who want to have pets in the quiet environment.


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Basic Information about Somali


Name: Somali

Origin: England

Hair: Short and Long

Weight: 2.5~5.5kg

Body type: foreign