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75 Popular Pet Cats! Which cat is suitable for you?

Recently, pet cats are becoming very popular.
We would like to introduce 75 cat types out of more than 500 cat breeds in the world.

You can know personalities,characteristics,and prices of famous cats.

We hope this article would be a help for you!


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Turkish Angora


This cat was born in Turkey and treated as a special cat.

In Turkey, this is called Turkish national treasure.




The Most Beautiful Cat


Turkish Angora is the most beautiful one in the world.

Also, the hair don’t come off very often; it is easy to take care.


This cat is famous for the hair like silk, and white color.

It is hard to know, but the body is skinny.


The athletic ability is high, so please give then high protein foods.


Basic Information about Turkish Angola


Name: Turkish Angora

Origin: Turkey

Hair: Long

Weight: 2.5~4.5

Body type: foreign



Turkish Van


The cat was naturally born in the biggest lake in Tuekry, Lake Van.

In 1995, two English men received two Turkish Van and brought back to breed them.

This cat is known as swimming cat and popular for the unique hair.




A Cat with Unique Hair


The pattern that only head and tail have colour is called “Van patter”.

The hair is single court so the length of hair changes in each season. For instance, you can enjoy fluffy hair in winter.

As the nick name “swimming cat” suggests, they don’t hesitate water.


Basic Information about Turkish Van


Name: Turkish Van

Origin: Turkey

Hair: Long, semi Long

Weight: 4.0~7.5kg

Body type: Long&substantial





This cat is originally developed to have wild cat called jangle cat as a pet cat.

Abyssinian was hydrated.



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A Cat Looks Like A Wild Cat and Smart


This cat have both wild outlook inherited from jangle cat, and sweet and smart personality inherited from Abyssinian.

This attractive appearance is very attractive, isn’t it?


They love playing and sometimes make the mess in the room.

Thus, if you play with them with toys, you can release their stress too.


There is small chance to meet them in pet shops so you might have to buy it from the breeder.

Since it is the rare type of cat, the price is about 500,000 Japanese yen.


Basic Information about Chausie


Name: Chausie

Origin: Egypt

Hair: Short

Weight: 3~7kg





Cheetoh was certified by TICBA (The International Cheetoh Breeders Association) in 2004 and has the only short history.

This cat was named after its appearance that is exactly like a cheater.



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A Cat with Wild Appearance


Cheetoh, a cat with wild hair, is the child of Bengal and Ocicat.

The hair is from Bengal cat, and the wild appearance is from Osicat.


You might guess that the cat is too active to have, but the personality is very socially active and friendly.


This is the kind of cat that family with cat easy to have.


However, Cheetoh is not very popular in Japan compared to the U.S.

If you can meet them in a pet shop, you are fortunate.


Basic Informaiton about Cheetoh


Name: Cheetoh

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Lifespan:10~15 years

Weight: 6.5~10kg

Body type: semi-foreign



Desert Lynx


Desert Lynx was born from hybrization of Bobcat, relative of Bobcat, and house cat.

The body is bigger and look very wild than other cat, but the personality is very calm and friendly.



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Big and Cute Cat


Desert Lynx belong to the group called “Desert Lynx group”, which considered as hybrid of Lynx and house cat.

Besides Desert Lynx Group, there are Mohahe Bob, Hiland Lynx and Cat Albay.

The standard feature in these four group is the masculine body like Lynx and long back legs.

The cats in Desert Lynx Group is categorized into four groups depending on its ears and hair.

Bobcat, a relative of Lynx, is two times bigger than the ordinary cat and Desert Lynx inherits this feature.

However, its personality is friendly, lovely and fidelity.

There are many owners who are very into this ap between the personality and appearance.


Basic Information About Desert Lynx


Name: Desert Lynx

Origin: America

Hair: short/long

Weight: 4.5~8kg



Devon Rex


The origin of Devon Rex is 1960s, a woman lived in Devonjar in England found curly hair cat in nationhood’s.

She hybridized the cat, and the house cat then has one curly hair cat. This is the origin of Devon Rex.



Unique Curly Hair


What makes the cat special is the curly hair.

They swing their tail when they are happy.

Due to the appearance and behavior, the cat, is called "puddle cat".


The face is small and egg shape. The big ears are also cute.

They love playing so this cat is suitable for those who can have enough time to play with them.


Basic Information about Devon Rex


Name: Devon Rex

Origin: England

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.2~4.5

Body type: semi-foreign





“Toyger” is the combination of “toy” and “tiger”.

As the name suggests, the appearance is exactly like a small tiger.



A Cat like a Tiger


There are many people who like tiger and want to have it someday.

However, a tiger is Ferocity and not easy to own.

Toyger can solve this proble,.

This cat is very rare and high price so people who this is not suitable for those who have never have the cat before.

Breeders have been working hard to make the appearance more similar to the tiger.


Basic Information about Toyger


Name: Toyger

Origin: America

Hair: Short



Toy Bob


It is said that two Sham that breeders of Mecon Bob Tail found in Russia 1988, are the origin of Toy Bob.

The two Sham were male and female; the male had short tail and female had small body.

The child cats had sort tail and small body, then the breeding started.



Toybob 💜🐈🇸🇪 a small catbreedさん(@toybob_sweden)がシェアした投稿 -


The Smallest Cat


The maximum weight of this cat is 1~3kg.

Singapura was used to be the smallest cat. However, Toy Bob is, even more, smaller than that.

The hair had point color which inherited from Sham.


The personality is friendly.

Also, it has short hair, and you only need to comb their hair once a week.

Since this is the smallest can and rare, the price goes to million JPY.

A limited number of people who can afford the price can have the cat.


Basic Information about Toy Bob


Name: Toy Bob

Official Name:Sukifutoi Bobtail

Origin: Russia

Hair: Short

Weight: 1~3kg



Dragon Li


Dragon Li is thecat that has been treated as a treasure in China from long time ago.

However, the cat was officially approved in 2010 as the cat, and it is very rare.



A Fortune Cat


Dragon Li is called “Chinese Leafa” and “Li Hau Mao”.

IT is said that the cat emerged from silver cat and had many features of the wild cat.

The hair is Taby(patterns like Mackerel)and the size is same as another cat.

The almond shape eyes are yellow, green and brown.


In China, the cat is treated specially as fortune bring the cat.

When people hybridized Dragon Li, they even had the wedding ceremony.


However, the cat is still rare in worldwide so you might not be able to have them.

If you want to have it, you need to contact with Chinese breeders.


Basic Information about Dragon Li


Name: Dragon Li

Origin: China

Hair: Short

Weight: 3.8~5kg





Tonkinese was born with the hybridization of Sham and Birmese.

If you hear so, you might think the appearance is between of Sham and Birmese.




Good at Adapting to New Environment


This cat can be good friends with babies and other animals. This feature is inherited from Birmese.

Thus, this cat is suitable for those who want to welcome a pet into a family or already had other cat and animals.

Since they have blood from Sham, they are active and curious.

They are interested in everything they see.


Basic Information about Tonkinese


Name: Tonkinese

Origin: Canada

Hair: Short/Long

Weight: 2.7~5.5kg

Body type: semi-foreign



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Nebelung is long hair Russian Blue .

The beautiful silky hair is so smooth.



Long Hair Russian Blue


The origin of Nebelung is the cat with long blue hair found in 1984 by a woman who had cats.

Now, it is officially recognized as long hair Russian Blur.

It takes a lot of time to grow, and it takes about two years to have the long and beautiful hair.

Owners love the silky hair.


Also, the life span of Nebelong is longer than other cats.

The life expectancy of ordinary cats is about 15 years. However, there is Nebelung who lived for more than 21 years.

Of course, it is required to keep the cleasn environment and health check to have long life span.


Nebelung is also sensitive and easily being stressed in a loud and dirty environment.

Please have them in the appropriate environment.


Nebelung is smart and loving owners.

The personality is calm, so people live in the apartment where required to care about mew can have them.


Basic Information about Nebelung


Name: Nebelung

Origin: America

Hair: semi-long

Weight: 3~6kg

Body type: foreign



Norwegian Forest Cat


As the name suggest, its origin is Norway. They are in North Europe such as Scandinavian Islands.

Since the weather is very cold, the hair grows so long.




Nusty but Very Cute Cat


Norwegian forest Cat was born in Scandinavia.

When Viking had power in North Europe, the cats was used to chase mouse.


Because of the history, the cat actively move around.

Thus, the room should have less stuff and be clean.

People would be cleaning lovers without knowing.


For those who want to know more about Norwegian Forest Cat, please check the article below.

Fairy of North Europe, Long Hair Norwegian Forest Cat


Basic Information about Norweigian Forest Cat


Name: Norwegian Forest Cat

Origin: Norway

Hair: Long

Weight: 3.5~7.5kg

Body type: Long and ubstantial

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