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75 Popular Pet Cats! Which cat is suitable for you?

Recently, pet cats are becoming very popular.
We would like to introduce 75 cat types out of more than 500 cat breeds in the world.

You can know personalities,characteristics,and prices of famous cats.

We hope this article would be a help for you!


Summary for types of cat: First


Nowadays, keeping cats as pets is getting attentioned among society,especially in Japan.

In Japan, the mainstreat of the pet is the dog. However, the cat trend came scince 2010s.

"Tama ekicho" is a cat assinged as Kishikawa like Kishikawa station manager in Wakayama prefecture. It is said that "Tama ekicho" is the pioneer for the cat boom.



He was featured by the mass media, and became popular across the world.

However, Tama ekicho passed away on June 22th in 2015, and we could no longer see him anymore.


After Tama ekicho act as a trend trigger factor, Cats are getting more and more popular. According to the pet food association, there are approximately 9,870,000 cats and 9,910,000 dogs for pet.

It is surprising that the number of the cats is 2,000,000 less than the dog's 5-year ago one.


From the information given, we can deduce that the number of people who own cats as the pet has been increasing sharply.

As the trends continue, we predict that the number of pet cats will be more than the pet dogs shortly. There must be more people starts to show their interest in having cats as pets.


Here are several reasons why there is increasing number of family who owns cats as pet.


・"walk" is not needed.

・Cats don't balk loudly.

・Easy to have because of the size.

・Soft and fluffy fur relief people from stress.

・No need to care about smell


Even though cats get so much popular, there are only few people who know about types of cats.

The characteristics and appearance of cats are very different each other.


Therefore, we are going to introduce and recommend cats for those who are planning to have cats. Enjoy!

The following articles reagard to the cat's type is arranged in the order of Japanese kana syllabary.



【Summary for types of cats: Contents】


Page 1:


<Types of cats: the row of a (あ行)>


American Curl

American Bobtail

American Shorthair

American Wirehair


Exiotic Shorthair

Egyptian Mau

Ocicat Ojos

Ojos Azules

Oriental Shorthair


Page 2 :


<Types of cats: row of k and c (か行)>

Colour Point Shorthair



Clipper Cat

Kyrilian Bobtail


Cornish Rex


Page 3 :


<Types of cats: row of s (さ行)>


German Rex





Japanese Bobtail


Scottish Fold



Sekrik Rex





Page 4 :


<Types of cats: row of t (た行)>

Turkish Angora

Turkish Van



Desert Lynx

Devon Rex


Toy Bob

Dragon Li



<Types of cats: row of n (な行)>


Norweigian Forest Cat


Page 5 :


<Types of cats: row of h (は行)>

Highland Lynx

Havana Brown







Brazilian Shorthair






Page 6 :


<Types of cats: row of m (ま行)>




Minuet (Napoleon)


Maine Coon

Mekong Bobtail

Mohave Bob


Page 7 :


<Types of cat: row of y (や行)>

Ukrainian Levkoy

York Chocolate

Europian Shorthair


<Types of cats: row of l and r (ら行)>






Russian Blue


Firstly, we will list the types of cats : row of a


<Types of Cats: Row of a (あ行)>




History of Abyssinian can be found from as early as 4000years ago. It was painted on the Egyptians’ walls as the monster of the holy cat.

Even Cleopatra, one of the three most beautiful women in the world, was attracted by the beautiful outlook of the cat.

It has beautiful dull eyes and hair like silk. 




Very Amart Cat


The cat is known as the most cleverest cat and it will respond to the name you given.

Thus, when owner calls the cat, the cat will approach you.

It seems to be a faithful cat, just like a dog.


The cat often fawn on its’ master. Male Abyssinian said to be better in expressing its feeling.

For those who want to be fawn upon by Abyssinian, it is better to have male one instead of female one.

Not only the good side, Abyssinian might messing up the room.

The owner shall have to set his mind on ready to clean up the mess before putting Abyssinian.

Therefore, given that the cat will mess up the room, why not put less stuff to reduce the number of things cats can mess up with.


Basic Information of Abysianian


Name: Abysianina

Origin: Etiopia・England

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.5~4.5kg

Body: foreign



American Curl


American Curl is one of America’s native breed.

Spiral usually refers to curly hair, but it means “curled ears” this time.

It was named after the shape of the ears.




The mose cute ears amonf all cats


Cats like American curl, which have curled ears are very rare. The other example might be Scottish Fold.


It is often said that having curled ears cats are genomically weak in their health but such mutation will not affect the cat’s health.

However such curled ears are easily infected due to its’ structure.  So it is important to consult doctors and make an appoint for the regular check up session.


We recommend American Curl to those who prioritize in pets appearance.

As they have cute curly ears and are gentleness and kind character.

They don’t get mad even kids irritate them.


Basic Information about American Curl


Name: American Curl

Origin: America

Hair: Short・Long

Weight: 2.5~4.4kg

Body type: Semi-foreign



American Bobtail


American Bobtail is one of the latest type of cat that resigstered to TICA in 1989.

Due to their appearance, it also called “short tail Maine coon."

Hereditary, Japanese short tail bobtail said to be recessive, but American Bobtail is dominant in the different allele.


popular cat american bobtail


Short tail Maine Conn?


As mentioned above, not only for the appearance, but also the hair is looks alike with maine coon.

The middle~long hair is double coats and easy to comb.

in contrast to frantic appearance, its character is calm and friendly.


Basic Information about American Bobtail


Name: American Bobtail

Origin: America

Hair: semi~long


Body type:Long and substantial



American Shorthair


The cat is well known in Japan.

American shorthair, as its name shows, is one of the famous cats in America.



※The cat in this photo is "Toto" of editing department. If you want to sheck this cat more, please visit Petpedia Twitter.


Full of Curiosity, yet emotionally hot and cold


American Shorthair show interests on everything, and they love to play, so they don't make owners bored.

People have them as pets because American Shorthair is friendly and cooperative.


They can be friends with not only with cats, but also other kinds of animals, thus it is easer to interact with them.

It is also suitable for those who want more than one cats at the same house.


They were barely shy, so I am sure that people, besides the owner, also treat them very well.

American Shorthair always running around, but they will come closer to the owner once they find him/her. The hot and cold characteristic is very cute.


※For those who want to know more about American shorthair, please read the article below.

The expert of mouse hunting! About characteristics and the way to have Amesho (AMerican Shorthair).


Basic Information about American Shorthair


Name: American Shorthair

Origin: America

Hair: short


body type:semi-cobby



American Wirehair


American Wirehair was born in Verona, New York in 1966.

Among the American shorthair cats which were born on a farm of Verona, there was the cat which was born with stiff hair.



Unique Stiff Hair


As the name says, the hair is stiff and wired.

Besides the hair, the characteristics are similar with American shorthair. They are full of curiosity and friendly.

The hair is short, and you only have to comb their hair once a month. This cat is suitable for those who have a cat for the first time.

However, this type of cat is rare. Therefore you might not able to get a lot of chance to meet them.


Basic Information about American Wirehair


Name: American Wirehair

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 3..0~5.0kg

Body type: semi-cobby





Agean is known as national treasure in Greece.

It looks alike with Japanese cat and it has strong body.



Autogenesis typw of cat


History of Agean can be found from as early as 10,000 years ago. But the breeding started in 1990s.

The cat is exquisite  and even  registered as the national treasure in Greece. At one glance, it seems like the ordinary cat, however, its gene is unique because they have evolved without any treatments by the human.

They hardly get genetic disease as other cats do. They are said to have been living with mankind in Greece since long time ago. they are friendly and easy to adopt new environment.


It is also rare that they are not afraid of water, and even go to a fisherman to ask for some fishes.

Those characteristics are very similar with Japanese cats.

It seems easy to own Age in Japan. However, it is hard to buy them under the current situation of Japan.


Basic Information about Agean


Name: Again

Origin: Greece, Cyprus island

Hair: Short

Weight: 3~5.5kg



Exotic Shorthair


You might think that exiotic shorthair looks like Persian cat.

British Shorthairs and American shorthair were artificially hybridized, and then exotic shorthair was born.




Popular as ugly-cute cat


Flat face, small nose and round eyes. They are popular as bit ugly but cute cats.

Since it's created artificially, the personality is calm, and its hair is easy to care.

They don’t hesitate to be hugged so they are quiet when you cut their nails and hug.


One thing that you might want to keep in mind is that they love playing. So you need to be with them very often.

Thus, the cat is not recommended for those who live alone or always away.

If you don’t pay attention to them very much, they would become sulky and tend to avoid you.


※For those who want more about Exotic hair, please check out the article below.

The short nose is super cute! Things you should know when you have exiotic short hair. ~how to keep exiotic shorhair as pet? what is their personality?~


Basic Information about Exiotic Shorthair


Name: Exotic shorthair

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.5~6.5kg

Body type: cobby



Egyptian Mau


As its name shows, Egiptian Mau was naturally born in Egypt. Mau means “cat” in Egyptian language. Egyptian Mau means literally “cat of Egypt.”

Also, the cat is the only cat that has dots on their body like Bengal cat among the cats that naturally raised.



The best reflextion among the pet cats


Egyptian mau has a lot of curiosity, and have the best athtletic ability.

They are the best runners among pet cats, and they can run upto 48 km per hour.

Thus, it would be a lot of mess when they become rambunctious.

If you have full space and toys such as cat tours, it is easy to have them as pets.

Also, they are not good for the place where a lot of people come by because they are sensitive.


Basic Information about Egyptian Mau


Name: Egyptian Mau

Origin: Egypt

Hair: Short

Weight: 2.5~6.5 kg

Body type: Long and substantial





Ocicat was born from crossbreezing of Abisiinian, Sham and American shorthair.

They are all popular cats, so the expectation goes high, doesn’t it?



Friendly and Smart Cat


They are not shy and easy to be friend with an owner.

Of course, they fawn to the people who are not their owners.

The cat is also famous for its smartness.


There are even the cats who respond to their owner, go and fetch things. They are so faithful like dogs, obey their owners.

The appearance is beautiful, and it looks like Bengali cats .


Basic Information abotu Ocicat


Name: Ocicat

Origin: America

Hair: Short

Weight: 3.0~6.5kg

Body type:semi-foreign



Ojos Azules


Ojos Azules is the new type of cat that naturally born in America.

The dark blue eyes are beautiful.



Mysterious Blue Eyes


Ojos Azules was found in wildcat group of America 1984.

The firstly found wild cat had dark blue eyes.

Usually, cats with blue eyes has white hair or has colour only on their end of the talis.


What was unique about Ojos Azules is that they have orange, cream, blue, black and red hair, and their dot matters are different from other cats with blue eyes.

Also, it was reported that cats with blue eyes tend to have hearing difficulty, eye infection and neural disorder. However, Ojos Azules don’t have such disease.


Thus, Ojos Azules get attention and people start breeding them.

Still, there are only a few breeders of Ojos Azules, so I wish there will be more breeders in Japan.


Basic Information about Ojos Azules


Name: Ojos Azules

Origin: America

Hair: Short/Long

Weight: 3~6kg



Oriental Shorthair


During the world war two, starvation was a big problem and it affected to cats.

Siamese was also in danger of extinction. A number of breeders decided to cross breed British shorthair and Russian blue . Oriental shorthair was then born.



One of the best body shape among all cats


Since Siamese is the fanciest of Oriental shorthair, the beautiful body shape is also inhereted.

They are healthy and beautiful at the same time because they also have smooth muscle.

The beautiful body shoe comes from Siam and strength comes from British shorthair.


They are very sensitive and easy to get stress.

So please try to avoid to have more than one pet with Oriental shorthair, and arrange the environment that you can focus on only one Oriental shorthair.

It is not suitable for the house with many people.


Basic Information about Oriental Shorthair


Name: Oriental Shorthair

Origin: America

Hair: Short/Long

Weight: 2.5~4.5kg

Body type: Oriental