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75 Popular Pet Cats! Which cat is suitable for you?

Recently, pet cats are becoming very popular.
We would like to introduce 75 cat types out of more than 500 cat breeds in the world.

You can know personalities,characteristics,and prices of famous cats.

We hope this article would be a help for you!


<Types of Cats: row of m (ま行)>




Manx was born because of incest in Man island in England during 1800s.

The most interesting feature is the very short tail.

A cat without tail is called “lumpy”.




A Cat Like a Rabbit


The hip without tail is exactly like the hip of the rabbit.

They are calm and loyalty to owners.

They don’t move actively so this type of cat is suitable for the beginners.

You don’t have to buy expensive cat tower and play a lot with them.


Basic Information about Manx


Name: Manx

Origin: England

Hair: Short

Weight: 3.0~6.0

Body type: cobby





Mandalay was born as the result of the hybridization of Burmese and short black hair cat.

The patent hair and amber eyes are so attractive.



Mandalay has only short history and it is officially recognized as one of the cat type in only New Zealand.

During the 1980s, one Burmese ran out from a house and hybridized with the black cat then the Mandalay was born.

Burmese and Mandalay have different features. Mandalay doesn't have point color. The first modality was black. However, we now have many colors such as ebony, blue, chocolate, lilac, Sinnamon and cream due to the efforts of breeders.

The hair is smooth like satin; this cat looks elegant.

Their personality is friendly and easily get along with other pet and people.

Since they are masculine and move a lot, please prepare the environment that can have exercise.


Basic Information about Mandalay


Name: Mandalay

Origin: New Zealand

Hair: Short

Weight: 3.5~6.5kg

Body type: Cobby





They have cute short legs. I am sure that many of you already know this cat.

This cat is like a dog such as duchshund .




The SHortest Legs among all


The most obvious feature of Munchkin is the short legs.

They are not shy and good at obeying its owner.

If you have them from baby cat, they remember the voice of owner and can stay at home.


They are very friendly but also sensitive so please not to make a loud noise around them.

If you make a loud noise, they consider you as an enemy and cannot live together peacefully.

This friendly cat is suitable for the beginners.


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Summary for the Munchkin. A cat with cute short legs.


Basic Information about Munchkin


Name: Munchkin

Origin: America

Hair: Short and Long

Weight: 2.0~4.0kg

Body type: semi-foreign



Minuet (Napoleon)


Minuet is based on the mix of Munchkin and Persia.

It used to be called Napoleon, however; the name was changed to Minuet in 2015 by TICA.



A Cat with Cool Face


Persia have a problem with flat nose because they tend to get disease in their nose.

Then, people try to create the cat with the beauty of Persia without the flat nose.

Then, Munchkin was chosen as a parent.

Simply say, this cat is a short leg Persia without the flat nose.


Basic Information about Minuet (Napoleon)


Name: Minuet (Napoleon)

Origin: America

Hair: Short, Long

Weight: 2.0~4.0kg





The attractive features of Minskin are short legs, big eyes, and big ears.

They look like kitties after they are grown up.



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A Cat with Short Legs and No Hair


Minskin was born in a result of Sphynx, a cat without hair, and Munchikin , a cat with short legs.

There is a cat called Bambino who was born by the hybridization, but Munsking has blood from Devon Rex, Sham , and Burmese.

They are called “cats without hair,” however, they have different types of hair: (1)completely bold, (2) far point, (3) free coated.

If they have less skin, you can feel their heat.

A cat without hair easily gets the disease of skin because it is not good at dealing with its Sebun. If you don’t take care of it, there will be the high risk of getting a skin disease. You also need to pay attention to room temperature.

Please give them shower and wipe off with towels.


Basic Information about Minskin


Name: Minskin

Origin: America

Hair: hairless, medium

Weight: 2~3kg

Body type: semi-cubby



Maine Coon


The cat is called “calm titan”, and its body is so fat and hair is very fluffy.




The Biggest Cat Among All


This is a big cat, and it is assigned as the largest cat in the world. Unlike the size, they are very calm and able to live with children.


The attractive feature is the fluffy hair.

I am pretty sure that you want to put your face into their body.


Since they grow big, you need to have enough space in your house.

If you live in a house with only one room, you need to reconsider about it.


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Let’s check the price, life span, features, personalities, disease, and the way to buy Maine Coon.


Basic Information about Maine Coon


Name: Maine Coon

Origin: America

Hair: Long

Weight: 4.0~9.0kg

Body type: Long substantial



Mekong Bobtail



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Short tail Sham?


What makes Mekong Bobtail special is the point color like Sham and the short tail.

The hair is shiny as same as Shame.

The body is skinny, and they have blue eyes.

The personality is friendly so you can have this cat and other animals in the same house.

Nowadays, they are bred in Russia, Belarus and Check so you cannot meet them in Japan.


Basic Information about Mekong Bobtail


Name: Mekong Bobtail

Origin: Russia

Hair: short



Mohave Bob



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Mohave Bob has masculine body and curly hair.

They belong to one of the four cat group of Desert Lynx. They only have a short history.


Looks Wild But Lovely Cat


Mohave Bob is the mix of Selker Lynx and Desert Lynx.

Both Mohave Bob and its parent, Desert Lynx are belonged to the groups of Desert Lynx.

All types of the cat which belong to Desert Lynx group, they have the masculine body and longer front legs.

Also, the types are categorized based on the shape of ears and the type of hair.


Mohave Bob is the cat with any shape ears, hair is not white and curly hair.

The curly hair is very

The appearance is wild like Civet Cat. However, they are loyalty and lovely.

Also, they are good at being friends with human kids, so the cat is comfortable to have.


Basic Information about Mohave Bob


Name: Mohave Bob

Origin: America

Hair: short, long

Weight: 4.5~8kg