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70 Popular Dogs! The Article About Pet Dogs Classified By Weight!

There are over 700 to 800 dog breeds in the world.
We, Petpedia Editing Department, will classify dog types by weight and introduce them!

We hope this article can be helpful for those who want to know about dogs, and plan to have dog in the future.


Summary of Dog Breeds: History of Dogs and Human




In the first place, do you know “when do human and dogs started to live together?”

Relics of the interment of human and a dog in the Paleolithic era about 12,000 years ago, was found in Northern Israel.

The bones of human and dogs have been found in all over the world including in Europe, Russia and the continent which later known as America.

Those bones were found mainly in West Asia. Thus it is estimated that the history of human and dogs can be traced from West Asia.


The trigger of the co-existence was that human started to use dogs in hunting. Because the human was not powerful enough in hunting animals as mankind was too fragile. Nonetheless they could use fires.

Thus, the people started to cooperate and live together.


It is also said that dogs were eating leftover meals. Therefore, the bonding between man and dogs were built in the villages.

Also, dogs were used as “protections pet” and food source when people faced with starvation.

Of course, this is back in the ancient era so it is hard to image about it.


Dogs have received foods from human and helped them, so they are both in good relationships.

Thus, the human has tried to tame dogs to fill their needs such as protection, hunting, and employment.


They have been in homage from old time, and they both earn benefits from each other.


Nowadays, the number of dog’s types is over 700 to 800.

In this article, we will classify the dogs by weight and introduce the recommended ones.


There is no standard weight for small, medium, and big digs. 

In contrast, there is a way to measure heights of dogs (measuring the height from ground to the back of a dog) yet, we will classify the dogs base on the size.  This makes easy for you to read the article.


We categorized them into these groups as show in below.



【Summary of Dog Breeds:Contents】


Page 1 : 


<Super-Small Dogs: Under 5kg>

Italian Greyhound


Japanasese Chin

Toy Poodle


Bichon Frize

Petit Bula Vanson



Miniature Pinscher

Yorkshire Terrier


Page 2 :


<Small Dogs: Under 5~10kg>

West Highland White Terrier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Chih Tzu

Jack Russell Terrier

Japanese Spitz

Norfolk Terrier



Boston Terrier

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Dachshund


Page 3 :


<Middle Size Dogs: 10~20kg>

American Cocker-Spaniel

English Cocker-Spaniel

Welsh Corgi Pembroke



Shetland Sheepdog


French Bulldog

Border Collie

Miniature Bull Terrier


Page 4 :


<Big Dogs: Under 20^40kg>Part 1

Irish Setter

Afghan Hound

Alaskan Malamute

Airedale Terrier

Old English Sheepdog

Golden Retriever




Page 5 :


<Big Dogs: Under 20~40kg>Part 2

Siberian Husky

Shar Pei

German Shepherd Dog




Basset Hound

Flat Coated Retriever


Page 6 :


<Big Dogs: Under 20~40kg>Part 3


Bull Terrier

Bouvier de Flanders

Hokkaido Dog



Labrador Retriever



Page 7 :


<Super-Big Dogs: Over 40kg>

Akita Dog

English Mastiff

Great Den

Great Pyrenees


St. Bernard

Tibetan Mastiff

Tosa Dog


Barneys Mountain Dog




Let’s check it out according to dogs’ size!



<Super-Small Dogs: Under 5kg>


Italian Greyhound


As the name suggests, the dog was made in Italy and is the small version of Greyhound.

In Japan, the dog is called “ITAGURE” as an abbreviation of Italian Greyhound.

In England, it is named as “IG”




Italian Greyhound was bred since B.C.5 as a pet dog for upper class.

In the 1700s, the dog was brought to England and bred crosses with close relatives so the size became smaller than ordinary. It also became suitable for keeping in houses.


Dogs are sensitive so they might avoid you when you gave them any stress.

They are smart and have a high athletic ability. However, they are not very strong to bear with cold and heat.

Thus, you should let them play in the indoor during hot summer and cold winter.


Basic Information About Italian Greyhound


Name: Italian Grey

Origin: Italy

Life Span: 12~15 years

Speed: 40km/h

Weight: 3.6~5kg

Height: 33~38cm

Hair Color: Red Fawn, Chocolate, Blue Fawn, Yellow, Red, Grey, Fawn, Sable, Blue, Tan, Straight, Grey 


Summary for things that you should know when you have “Italian・Greyhound” as a pet is shown in below.

Please read this article if you consider having “Italian・Greyhound” for a pet.





The dog breed was found in Techichi in Mexico.

The city name was used for naming. As Techichi sounds like “Chihuahua”.




The Smartest Dog Among All


The head of Chihuahua is called “Apple Head”, and it is relatively big to its body.

They can distinguish the owners’ voice with their cute ears. Also, they can even understand facial expression of their owners.


They are friendly and not fed to be hugged. So, children and dogs can easily be good friends.

They are not saucy as they are obedient to the owner.

For Chihuahua, the owner is the definite one!

Unlike its appearance, they bark to strangers so we can rely on them when something happens.


Basic Information About Chihuahua


Name: Chihuahua

Origin: Mexico

Weight: 1~3kg

Height: 12~24cm

Hair Color: Black Chocolate Fawn, Cream, Black and Tan

Amount of exercise: Not so much

Combing: Not so many

Bark: Easy to bark


There is the summary of the things that you should know when you have Chihuahua.

Please read this article if you would like to have Chihuahua as a pet.

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Japanese Chin


Since there is a document that says English men brought back Chin Dog from Japan to England in 1700s, it is said that the dogs are originated in Japan.

Matthew Calbraith Perry, who came to Japan in 1853, also brought some dogs back.




The Small and Obedient Dog Breed


Because of the cute appearance and obedient attitude, many people have loved the dog.

In Edo era, Tokugawa Yoshitsune, who is known as the Law Prohibiting Cruelty to Animals, really loved the dog.

Japanese Chin was used to be owned by upper class people such as samurai, however, it became popular among the other class.

In 1870, Japanese Chin was acknowledged by Kennel Club in England.

After the acknowledgment, the name changed from “Japanese Spaniel” to” Japanese Chin.”

The history of the dog as the pet is long so the dog is easy to have and they are very cute.


Basic Information About Japanese Chin


Name: Japanese Chin

Origin: Japan and China

Weight: 1.4~6.8kg

Height: 20~27cm

Personalities: Obedient, Wariness, Catlike, Smart, Friendly, Independent

Hair Color: Sable and White, Tricolor, Red and White, Black and White, Lemon and White


The summary of things you should know when you have “Japanese Chin” is below.

Please read this article if you want to have Japanese Chin for a pet.



Toy Poodle


Toy poodle is known as water dog in Europe and have worked as hunt dog with high swimming ability.




The Type of Dg That is Easy to Educate


Toy Puddle is obedient and easy to educate. They enjoy training with fun.

One thing we should be careful is the hair. The dog has curly hair, so we need to comb it very carefully.

Please clean the hair at least once a month so that the dog can be comfortable.


Also, the dog is not suitable for having outside, but it loves playing so, please make enough time and space to play with them as possible.


Basic Information About Toy Poodle


Name: Toy Poodle

Origin: France

Born: 1500s

Lifespan: About 16 years

Basic Characteristic: Toy Poodle requires education and training because they are companion dogs who are independent, social active and honest.

Basic Way to Keep: They do not have much-fallen hair, but diligent cutting and combing are required because of the long waving hair.

Height: Toy 20~25cm, Miniature 28~38cm

Head: Lean and Sensitive

Eyes: Dark and Almond shape. Smart and Bright Appearance.

Ears: Long and Hanging. The Hair is also Long.

Body: Natural and Elegant. The move is also lively.

Hair: Long, Stiff, and Flexible. The color is one, and there are many varieties.

Tail: A bit short. They used to be cut off.


The summary of things you should know when you have “Toy Poodle” is below.

Please read this article if you want to have Toy Poodle for a pet.



Toy Manchester Terrier


Toy Manchester Terre has Characteristic black and tan legs.

Manchester is the name of the city in England where is the origin of the dog.


In the old days, Black and Tan Terre were raised to use them as hunting dogs for catching mice.

Thus, they got the name “Terre” which stands for hunting dogs.



To develop the hunting ability, the crossing of Black and Tan Terre with other dogs.

Above all, Whippet and Greyhound were used a lot.

Then Manchester Terre was born.

Toy Manchester, as the word “toy” express, is the small size of Manchester Terre.


Manchester Terre is kind and easy to have among all Terre.

Also, the skinny appearance is similar to Miniature Pinsher .


Basic Information About Toy Manchester Terrier


Name: Toy Manchester Terre

Size: Super-Small

Origin: England

Height: 25~30cm

Weight: 3~4kg

Lifespan: 15~16 years

Characteristic: Careful, Active, Wariness, Dedicated, Smart, Independent

Color: Black and Tan





As its name suggests, the ears that look like butterflies are adorable.

From the old time, the dog has been loved by noble, mainly female.




Very Sensitive Dog Breed


This dog breed is not very strong because of the weak bones.

If they have hard exercise, they might break their bones, so please be careful.

Also, they are sensitive. Thus, please have some spaces between and do not try to approach too close when you start having them.


Since the body is not strong, it is hard to keep the dog outside.

You should keep it inside the house.

Even though they are susceptible, they are known as the very smart dog, when people research about intelligence for over 300 dog breeds, Papillon ranked in top 10.


Basic Information About Papillon


Name: Papillon

Nickname: Continental Toy Spaniel, Butterfly Spaniel, Fawn, Evernew Nan

Size: Super-Small

Origin: France

Height: 20~28cm

Weight: 4~4.5kg

Lifespan: 13~15 years


The summary of things you should know when you have “Papillon” is below.

Please read this article if you want to have Papillon for the pet.



Bichon Frize


They have characteristic soft and stiff hair.

“Bichon” means Maltese , and “Frize” means curly hair.

As the name shows, the dog looks like Maltese.




Unlike the appearance, is it easy to have?


Since the hair is so pretty, you might think it is hard to keep the dog.

However, their hair does not fall off, and they don’t even have much smell.

The size is also small so you can have this dog inside your home.


Moreover, they love playing.

Thus, it is important to take them to a walk and play in the park.

If there are people around you who have dogs, it might be a good idea to hang out with them.


Bichon Frize


Name: Bichon Frize

Lifespan: 12~15 years

Height: 23~30cm

Weight: 3~5kg

Origin: France, Isla de Tenerife, Canada, Belgim, Spain, Canary Islands

Characteristic: Playful and Sensitive


The summary of things you should know when you have “ Bichon Frize ” is below.

Please read this article if you want to have Toy Bichon Frize for the pet.



Petit Bula Vanson


This dog is from Belgium.

Similar dogs are Bruxelles Gryps with long brown hair, Belgian Gryps with long black hair and Petit Bula Vanson with short hair inherited from a pug.

The name comes from Brabant in Belgium.



The dog is very calm and it goes its own way.

It is also easy to have because of they are socially active and avoid all fighting.


Also, it does not require a lot of time to exercise, two times 30 minute walking in one day would be enough for them.

They are smart and well educated so you can have them with other animals.


Basic Information About Petit Bula Vanson


Name: Petit Bula Vanson

Origin: Belgium

Weight: 3.5~6kg

Height: 20cm





Since Queen Victoria in England used to have this dog, it then became popular.

It was named after the city of Pomerania in Germany where the dog was originally born.




The ROund Dog Among All


Not only Queen Victoria, but also Mozart and Napoleon loved this dog.

Beside pet dog, they are popular as show dog.


The talent is the round baddy and stiff hair.

There might be some people who want to put their faces in the body of Pomeranian.


Their body look like a fur ball, but they cannot stop moving.

They are always active.

Since they are curious and playful, if you like playing and can make enough time to do so, why not welcoming this dog to your family?


Basic Information About Pomeranian


Name: Pomeranian

Origin: Germany

Born Year: 1800s

Lifespan: About 15 years

Basic Characteristic: Very Active, Love Socializing, Brave, and Bark a lot

Basic Way to Keep: If you don’t want them to bark, you need to train them as soon as possible. You need to clean their hair carefully and regularly.

Height: 22~28cm

Head: Small and Thin Like a Fox

Eyes: Dark and Shiny Oval

Ears: Small and Standing

Body: Solid and Small. Leg Bones are Skinny.

Hair: Straight Surface Hair. They have ornament hair on their shoulders, chest, and tails. The under hair is thick.

Tail: Swing on their back. Covered with fluffy ornament hair.


The summary of things you should know when you have “ Pomeranian ” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Pomeranian to your family.





Maltese was kept from ancient times, and its beautiful white hair like silk is the most attractive character of this dog.




Noble Type of Dog Among All


The dog with beautiful white hair had priced for few thousand dollars during the bit in the era of Elizabeth The First.

Also, the dog exists from ancient times and has the 3,000 years of history. The dog is now called aristocracy of dog.

Nowadays the white hair is standard. However, there used to be another hair color.


The Dog Breed With Elegant Characteristic


Both appearance and characteristic of Maltese are beautiful.

They are suave and obedient, and the perfect dog for having them as partners.


Like Yorkshire Terrier , they have both dynamic and sensitive characteristics, so it is sometimes called Maltese Terrier.

Elegant and Smart. They are small but not very active.

I am sure that you will be crazy about that cute appearance.


Basic Information About Maltese


Name: Maltese

Origin: Mediterranean Area

Born Year: Ancient Times

Lifespan: About 15 years

Basic Characteristic: Lovely, Kind-Hearted, Small but sometimes actively fawn

Basic Way to Keep the dog: It requires very careful combing and cut. Not much exercise is needed so this is suitable for urban life style.

Head: Round. Muaale is short and thin

Eyes: Black, Big, and Round. Cute Dropping Eyes.

Ears: Covered with very long hair

Body: Small but masculine. Thick Chest.

Hair: Long Pure White. No Underhair.

Tail: Hanging from back but curver because of the weight of the long hair


The summary of things you should know when you have “ Maltese ” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Maltese in your family.



Miniature Pinscher


The unique features of this dog are small but flexible and muscular body.

Pinscher means “Terrier” in Germany, so the characteristic is as Pincher is also active.




A Brave Type of Dog


Even though the body is small, the dog is very brave, and it barks to strangers.

Thus, you can have it as a guard dog.


It was originally made for catching so it is offensive.

You can assume this characteristic from the name, Pinchser which stands for “bite”.


The dog is sensitive so it cannot keep still and moves a lot.

Barking makes an unnecessary bark.

It is offensive to outside world, but not to the owner, so please do not be worried.


Basic Information About Miniature Pinscher


Name: Miniature Pinscher

Origin: Germany

Born Year: 1700s

Lifespan: About 14 years

Basic Characteristic: Cheerful and Active even in old age

Basic Way to Keep: Proper exercise is needed, but not combing is easy

Weight: 4~5kg

Height: 25~30cm

Head: Well-balanced size and shape

Eyes: Dark Color and Almond Shape with lovely shine

Body: Square when we see it from the side. Muscles of the thigh are developed.

Hair: Lustrous, short and hard. Adhere to the body surface.

Tail: Very short. They used to be cut off.


The summary of things you should know when you have “ Miniature Pinscher ” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Miniature Pinscher in your family.



Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier is beloved and called “Yorke” and “Moving Jewels”.




Very Enagetic Type of Dog


Yorkshire Terrier is very active in contrast to its gentle appearance.

The dog was originally kept for mouse hunting.


They are very curious and show interests to everything.

Also, they are competitive and have their territory.

If you reach to their territory, they might bark to you.


A Dog Breed With Beautiful Hair


The hair of Yorkshire Terrier became longer and longer.

The amount of hair is not so much, but you need to comb their hair once in two days.

The hair is very beautiful even people call them “moving jewelry” so please comb it regularly


Basic Information About Yorkshire Terrier


Name: Yorkshire Terrier

Origin: England

Born Year: 1800s

Lifespan: 14 years

Basic Characteristic: Yorkshire Terrier is active and tough

Weight: 2.5~3.5kg

Height: 22~24cm

Head: Small and flat. The muzzle is short. They are covered with long hair.

Eyes: Dark, sound and big with lively brightness

Ears: Clean V shape ears

Body: Well and balanced and small

Hair: Lustrous black straight hair. Head and chest are tans; a body is a steam blue.

Tail: many of them are bob tail


The summary of things you should know when you have “Yorkshier Terrier” is below.

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