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70 Popular Dogs! The Article About Pet Dogs Classified By Weight!

There are over 700 to 800 dog breeds in the world.
We, Petpedia Editing Department, will classify dog types by weight and introduce them!

We hope this article can be helpful for those who want to know about dogs, and plan to have dog in the future.



<Small Dog: Under 5~10kg>


West Highland White Terrier


This dog is famous for dog food commercials and packages.

As the name says, the white hair is very cute!




Brave And Active Dog


This dog breed is active unlike its small body a white color.

Originally, the dog was used for hunting fox and badger, so they are authentic, unlike the small and cute appearance.

Many of you might not hear its official name because it is always called Westy.


Since it has pretty white hair, we want to keep it beautiful. The legs are easy to get dirty because they were supposed to go through holes to hunt fox and badger.

It is good to have hair cutting regularly, and also wash their legs every after you walk to keep their beautiful hair.


Basic Information About West Highland White Terrier


Name: West Highland White terrier

Lifespan: 11~13 years

Height: 10~11cm

Weight: 7~10kg

Origin: Scotland

Hair: Long and Hard

Hair Color: White

Size: Small


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Cavalier King Chrles Spaniel


The dog breed id called Cavalier because of its long official name.

This is one of the most famous dogs breed in England.




Beloved Dog In England


Cavalier is the most popular dog in England where is the origin of the dog breed.

It was used to be loved by nobles because of the sweet face and curly hair.


As we can tell from its face, the dog is very calm and kind.

They are very lovely and even treat the human kid as if they are their mother.


They treat other animals very well so you can have the dog with other pets too.

It is good for Caliber to keep it in Living Room because they love their family.


Family with small kids and babies can have the dog without any worries.

You can tell your love to the dog by spending time together, and then they will surely respond to it.


Cavalier King hcarles Spaniel


Name: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lifespan: 8~14years

Height: 30~35cm

Weight: 5~10kg

Origin: England

Hair: Long Wavy Hair

Size: Small


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It is not too much to say that Shiba is the representative of Japan.

The dog has a long history with human since it was signed as the natural monument in Showa era.




One of the Most Obedient Dog Breed


The dog used to hunt with human, so it is athletic.

Since it excesses a lot, it would make them happy if you let them play in a Dog run.


Since they are very obedient, they obey to their owners.

On the other hand, they do not fawn too much. This is also good.

They would listen to you so it would your best partner as long as you are together with them.


Also, Mameshiba is getting popular nowadays but is it not officially recognized as a dog breed.

Initially, people call the small Shiba as Mameshiba .


Basic Information About Shiba


Name: Shiba

Origin: Japan

First Use: Hunting

Recent Use: Companion

Lifespan: 12~13 years

Weight: 8~10kg

Height: 35~41cm


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Shih Tzu


This was born in China as pet dog and has the small body with long hair which covers it’s whole body.

It is said that they are born in the result of a crossing of Lhasa Apso and Pekinese.




Elegant Type of Dog Breed


They are used to be presented to a king because of its beauty.

In the last 1900s, “xi-taihou (xi queen)” had thousands of Chih Tzu.


They are friendly, active and like socializing so, they often fawn to the owners.

This dog breed is suitable for the beginners.


If you have kids, it is ok to have Shih Tzs.

However, they also stubborn and have high ego.


The dog would have the numps and bark a lot if you scold it too much so please be patient and tell love to the dog.


Basic Information About Shih Tzu


Name; Shih Tzu

Origin: China

Lifespan; 10~16 years

Category: Dog

Characteristic: Athletic, Active, Playful, Wariness, Calm, Obedient, Friendly, Smart, Brave, Energetic, Lovely, Independent, Clever

Weight: Female 4~7.2kg (Adult), Male 4~7.2kg (Adult)

Color: Black, Dark Brown, Gold, White, Lever White, Brindle, Light Brown, Blue, Black, and White, Maron

Height: 20~28cm


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Jack Russell Terrier


This is the powerful dog which moves very actively.

This is also famous in Anime.




Active and Wicked Dog


Unlike its small body, the dog is very powerful.

Even the owners of Jack Russell Terrier say they are too active.


This dog is suitable for those who want to play a lot with the dog because it exercises a lot and love to have a walk outside.

While playing with dogs, dogs will entertain us with their tails by shaking.


The dog is also good at digging holes because they used to help in hunting.

One thing we need to be careful is the place to play. We need to consider whether the place is allowed to dig a hole.

The dog sometimes digs holes without knowing it is allowed or not. Also, they often stuck in the hole so please pay attention.


The short tail is said for picking up the dog when it is trapped in the hole.

It also has sharp teeth, so please be careful not to be bitten by it during the play.


Basic Information About Jack Russell Terrier


Name: Jack Russell Terrier

Lifespan: 8~10 years

Height: 30~35cm

Weight: 6~8kg

Origin: England

Hair Color: Brown patterns on white base

Hair: Short and Hard

Size: Small


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Japanese Spitz


The ancient of Japanese Spitz came to Japan in 1920s.

It used to be called White Spits and started breeding in the 1930s.




After the World War 2 and during the rapid economic growth, the breeding became popular.

The number of the breeder was massively increased because of the Japanese Spitz booming.

On the other hand, the boom was stopped because they are recognized as round dogs which were caused by the lack of knowledge.

Pomeranian and Maltese became popular after the Japanese Spitz.


After the Japanese Spitz booming, the breeders developed the dog characteristic to breed less-barking dogs.

This dog breed is known as Japanese Spitz which just became a boom recently.

The characteristic for these dogs are relatively calmer. Therefore an ordinally family can also have it in their house.

The dog loves playing so this is suitable for those who want to play with a dog a lot.


Basic Information About Japanese Spitz


Name: Japanese Spitz

Lifespan: 10~16 years

Height: 25~38

Weight: 7~10kg

Origin: Japan

Hair: Fluffy White Long hair

Size: Small


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Norfolk Terrier




As it is obvious, this dog breed is related to Yorkshire terrier , Jack Russell Terrier , and West Highland White Terrier.

This was born and raised in England as hunting dog unlike its appearance,

They lived together with human to scare animals that ruin fields.

Now, it is famous for its cute appearance.


This dog breed is easy to have stress if they do not have enough exercise. That is because they have an athletic ability which was built in their long history as a hunting dog.

Thus, if you live alone, this dog might be difficult to have for you.

The characteristic is curious and comfortable to have.


The most interesting feature is its hanging ears.

One dog look like this dog. It is Norwich Terrier.

However, Norfolk Terrier has hanging ears and Norwich Terrier have standing ears.


Basic Information About Norfolk Terrier


Name: Norfolk Terrier

Lifespan: 12~15 years

Height: 23~25cm

Weight: 5~5.5kg

Origin: England

Hair Color: Red, Black&Tan, and others

Characteristic: Active, Friendly, Lovely, Confident, Brave, Cheerful

Size: Small


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The name “Pug” came from “pugnus” which means “clenched fist” in Latin.

Like the clenched fist, the small but swollen body is distinctive.




A Lovely Type of Dog Breed


Pug is called “覇歌 (Pa Ku)” which stands for a snoring king in Chinese.

As the name suggests, they snore while they sleep.


They have been kept as a pet dog, so they love playing with human and have unique facial expression.

Perhaps the dog is the most human-like dog.


They often go their way, so we need patient for the training,

However, you would not have the difficult time because the dog is very calm.


Since it has short hair, combing is not needed and care in is easy.

Wiping dirt would be enough for them.


Basic Information About Pug


Name: Pug

Origin: China

Weight: 6~9kg

Height: 25cm

Color: Black and Beige

Exercise: Not very much

Falling Hair: Normal

Barking: Not so much

Level of Training: Normal

Price: Little High

Walking Time: 10~20 min.

Pricing: Little Expensive

Lifespan: 12~16 years


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The origin of Pekingese’s name is “made in Pekin.”

The dog has fluffy hair, and lovely eyes are very characteristics, and it is sometimes called “lion dog.”




The appearance is alike with Shih Tzu , and it is hard to distinguish.

That is because the ancestor of Shih Tzu is Pekingese.


However, Pekinese is not obedient compare to Shih Tzu, and it more likely to go its way.

Thus, the characteristic is “cat type” which doesn’t listen to others.


If you cannot show homage, you might have the difficult time for training.

The owner should have initiative and not to listen to Pekingese.


Basic Information About Pekingese


Name: Pekingese

Lifespan: 12~15 years

Height: 15~23cm

Weight: 3~6kg

Origin: China

Hair Long

Color: Black Mask, red, Fawn, Sable, White

Size: Small


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Boston Terrier


Boston Terrier have cool body which looks like it has dinner jacket.

The dog is suave and smart, so it is popular as having inside of the house.




Gentleman in the Dog World


Boston Terrier was bred in 1870, Boston by crossing of Bulldog and Bull Terrier which hybrid between bulldog and Terrier.

Since it has the blood of both bulldog and Terrie dog, Boston Terrier has kind and patient characteristic like bulldog, and easily get excited like Terrier.

The dog is one of the easiest dogs to have inside of the house because of the less barking and kind characteristic. However, you still need training from the early age in order not to get excited easily.

The effective way to train is to ignore if the dog doesn’t listen to the owner because the dog has the friendly characteristic.

Boston Terrier is human-like and cute, so it makes your days happy.


Basic information About Boston Terrier


Name: Boston Terrier

Nick Name: Boston Bull

Origin: America

Lifespan: 13~15 years

Height: 38~43cm

Weight: 4.5~11kg

Hair: Short and Smooth

Color: Brindle and White

Tail: Short

Size: Small

Characteristic: Friendly, Smart, Tolalent, Patient, Naughty

Origin Use: Fighting Dog

Exercise: A lot

Barking: Not very much

Pricing: 100,000~200,000 JPY

Walking Time:  Twice a day, 30min~1hr.


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Miniature Schnauzer


Schnauzer means “nose” in German.

Originally, it was used for hunting mice. However, it is now famous for the companion dog.




Well-Balanced Dog Breed


It used to be as a hunting dog to hunt mice and harmful insects. This is the reason why people said that the dog has mustache for self-protection.

The dog is brave enough to be a guard dog because it is smart and obedient, and listen to the owner.


Everyone, from kids to elderly, can be close friends with the dog because the size is small and the dog doesn’t hesitate to be hugged.

The appearance is cute, and the characteristic is good so we can say that this dog is “well-balanced” dog.


Basic Information About Miniature Schnauzer


Name: Miniature Schnauzer

Origin: Germany

Born Year: 1400s

Lifespan: 14 years

Basic Characteristic: Very kind and friendly, Can be good friends with kids and other dogs

The basic way to have: Need regular combing because some parts of hair are long. Easy to have and train because of peaceful characteristic

Weight: 6~7kg

Height: 30~35cm

Head: Rectangle

Eyes: Oval and Dark color with unique eyebrow

Ears: Beautiful V shape ears are hanging from the top of the head

Body: Masculine. The trunk is short and thick

Hair: Long and rough. Color is black, silver, and gray

Tail: Short, used to be cut off


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Miniature Dachshund


You might be surprised but this dog used to work as the small hunting dog to hunt rabbit, fox, and badger.




One of the Brave Dog Breed


This dog is very active and curious because of the history as the hunting dog.

This dog is not afraid of everything, so it barks to strangers and other animals.


One thing we need to be careful is that this dog sometimes barks to kids when the dog meets them for the first time.

Thus, we need to pay attention if we take this dog to the place where there are many strangers.


As physical characteristics, the length of the body is double of its height.

Because of the short legs, the distance of walk would be shortened.

The reason why the body became long is that the physical development to move faster and go into holes quickly for hunting.


Basic Information About Miniature Dachshund


Name: Miniature Dachshund

Origin: Germany

Born Year: 1900s

Lifespan: 17 years

Basin Characteristic: Brave and Noble. A Little Quick-tempered.

Basic Way to have: The long court's hair needs regular combing. The dog doesn’t have the smell. Avoid exercise that stresses the back bone.

Weight: Miniature 4~5kg, Standard 7~12kg

Height: Miniature 13cm, Standard 25cm

Head: Clearcut. Thinner to the nose.

Eyes: Dark and cute Oval

Ears: Round and fat hanging ears

Body: Short and long trunk. Need to pay attention to the disease of back bone.

Hair: smooth, long, wired. The color is varied.

Tail: Middle length but the tip is close to the ground.


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