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70 Popular Dogs! The Article About Pet Dogs Classified By Weight!

There are over 700 to 800 dog breeds in the world.
We, Petpedia Editing Department, will classify dog types by weight and introduce them!

We hope this article can be helpful for those who want to know about dogs, and plan to have dog in the future.



<Super-Big Dogs: Over 40kg>


Akita Dod


Akita Dog which is known as the story of “Hachi” is very obedient to the owner.

The dog is also assigned as national natural monument.




Japanese Big Dog


Akita Dog is one of the 6 Japanese dogs that is assigned as a national natural monument.

This is the only big dog among the Japanese Dogs.

The muscular body, ears and the tail are very cute.Akita Dog is obedient to the owner and tries to protect its family.

That is why the dog breed is famous in not only Japan but also in world wide.

However, the dog was once bred to be a fighting dog. If you cannot train them, you would be able to handle the dog.

Please tell Akita dog that the owner is the leader.

It is said that the dog is difficult to have for beginners so please ask the experienced owner of Akita Dog.


Basic Information About Akita Dog


Name: Akita Dog

Lifespan: 10~15 years

Height: 61~71cm

Weight: 32~59kg

Origin: Japan

Hair: Double Court

Hair Color: Red, White, Tiger, Black, Sesame

Size: Big

Characteristic: Obedient, Honest, Friendly, Wariness


The summary of things you should know when you have “Akita Dog” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Akita Dog into your family.



English Mastiff


English Mastiff has been lived from the long time ago.

It has a scary face, however, the dog is very kind and suitable for the guard dog.




English Mastiff is the most popular dog breed in Mastiff dogs.

The history of English Mastiff is very old. It was used as guard and fighting dogs.

The dog breed is modified to be a kind and quiet dog, so it is now used in show and as a guard dog. This dog is obedient to the owner so the family with kids can have this dog.


However, this is the super big dog and requires training.

The money and environment are also needed to have this super big dog. Thus this is not suitable for beginners. If you can training the dog well, this would be a very good guard dog.


Basic Information About English Mastiff


Name: English Mastiff

Lifespan: 8~12 years

Height: 70~91cm

Weight: 54~100kg

Origin: England

Hair: Double Courts

Hair Color: Fawn, Brindle, Applicant

Size: Super-Big

Characteristics: Calm, Suave, Majesty

First Use: Fighting Dog

Caution: Not good with hot weather. Expensive. High risk to get hip dysplasia and stomach volvulus.



Great Den


Great Den was assigned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest dog in the world.

This is a very attractive dog for those who love a super-big dog.




The height is 76~86cm for male and 71~81cm for female.

Because of the size, a lot of food and open space are required to have this dog.

It might be better to think in the way that this is welcoming one human but not a dog.


Its’ body is very big yet the character of the dog is pretty kind. The dog is called “silent giant.”

This dog is obedient and listens to the owner, so it is an ease to train it.


The lifespan of this dog is seven years, which is shorter than the average of other dogs.

The dog tends to get gastric volvulus so please have a regular checkup for the dog.

Gastric volvulus is the scary disease that causes accumulation of gas and halt blood circulation.


Basic Information About Great Den


Name: Great Den

Lifespan: 6~8 years

Height: 71~86

Weight: 45~90kg

Origin: Germany

Hair: Short

Hair Color: Fawn, Brindle, Halquin, Black, Blue

Size: Super-big


The summary of things you should know when you have “Great Den” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Great Den into your family.



Great Pyrenees




The Great Pyrenees is called “Pyrenean Mountain Dog” in European countries such as France and England.

As its name says, the dog has been in mountain lands.

The dog is very brilliant, and it was said that the price of dog is two times expensive than two humans.


The big white body is very beautiful.

This dog is not easy to have because of the size.

If you cannot prepare enough space for training, it's hard to have this dog.


Bsic Information About Great Pyrenees


Name: Great Pyrenees

Lifespan: 10~12 years

Height: 65~82cm

Weight: 36~54kg

Origin: France

Hair Color: White, Red, Grey, Tan

Size: Super-big


The summary of things you should know when you have “Great Pyrenees” is below.

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Komondor is born in Hungary and used as guard dog.

The appearance looks like a mop.



The number of Komondor was decreased because of World Wars.

However, the Komondor lovers in Europe tried hard to increase the number of the dog, and the dog is now assigned as the national treasure in Hungary.

Isn’t it wonderful?


The best feature of the dog is the hair. This is made with the twine of Dovercourt to under court.

The hair looks like the string is called “code” and it appears in 2 to 5 years.


Since the dog was used for the guard dog, it is independent and tough.

Thus, an owner must have strong leadership, so beginners are not good with this dog breed.


Basic Information about Komondor


Name: Komondor

Lifespan: 10~12 years

Height: 64~76cm

Weight: 50~60kg

Origin: Hungary

Characteristic: Stable. Calm, Brave, Lovely, Independent

Hair Color: White



St. Bernard


St. Bernard is famous as the model of the dog in “Heidi: Girl of the Alps.”

This is the best dog has a great body.




A Dog With Calm Character


As we mentioned in above, the dog was a model of a character in the anime, and the origin of the dog is also The Alps in Switzerland.

Initially, this dog breed was used as rescue dogs under snowing environment.

Therefore it is hard to witness this dog has brought harm to mankind. If an open space is provided, it will be an easy to keep it as a pet.


Basic Information Aobut St. Bernard


Name: St. Bernard

Lifespan: 8~10 years

Height: 64~120kg

Origin: Italy, Switzerland

Characteristic: Calm


The summary of things you should know when you have “St. Bernard” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome St. Bernard into your family.



Tibetan Mastiff


This dog was frequently seen in Tibet area.

The most surprising point of this dog is the size.

We will show you the picture so that you can feel the same as the way I feel.



The native Tibetan Mastiff is very violent.

Since the dog has strong sense of protecting their territory, so beginners might not suitable to have this dog.


Even though the name consists Mastiff, it doesn’t have any relationship with Mastiff.

The size of Tibet Mastiff is not the same as Mastiff.

The smell of the dog is not strong, and the dog breed has the variety of hair color.

Also, the dog acts up only once a year.


Basic Information About Tibetan Mastiff


Name: Tibetan Mastiff

Lifespan: 12~15 years

Height: 61~76cm

Weight: 34~73kg

Origin: Tibet

Characteristic: Temper, Strong science of protection, Stiff, Tough, Stubborn, Smart





Tosa Fighting Dog is breed of Tosa dog to improve the fighting skill.

Both Tosa Fighting Dog and Shikoku Dog are called “Tosa,” however, these two are different breeds.

Shikoku Dog was named to distinguish from Tosa Fighting Dog.




Traditional Japanese Fighting Dog


Tosa Fighting Dog is very hard to have.

If the owner train, the dog would be obedient. However, the dog is violating to other people and sometimes attack to the owner too.

In England, the dog is assigned as dangerous dogs.

If you would like to have Tosa Fighting Dog, please ask the owners who already had the dog.

Also, you need to have the readiness to take care of the dog till its last.


Basic Information About Tosa


Name: Tosa Fighting Dog

Nickname: Tosa

Lifespan: 10~12 years

Height: 60~95cm

Weight: 36~61kg

Origin: Japan

Hair: Short and Hard

Hair Color: Black, Red, Fawn, Brindle

Size: Super-Bog

Characteristic: Brave, Offensive, Nervous

Use: Fighting

Price: 200,000~500,000 JPY


The summary of things you should know when you have “Tosa” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Tosa into your family.







The dog was actively bred in Newfoundland islands which is located in Eastern Canada.

As you just noticed, the name of the dog is same as the name of the island.

This dog was used for the fishing dog which helps fishers.

For example, the dog helps carry things to boats, and even rescue drowning people.


St. Bernard is the rescue dog of mountain, and Newfoundland is the rescue dog of the oceans.

There are other dog breeds worked as mountain rescue dogs beside St. Bernard. However, Newfoundland is the only dog breed that serves as ocean rescue dog.

Newfoundland is still active as ocean rescue dog.


The dog is kind and easy to train.

If to mention, difficult points to have such dog are the size and salivary mouth which dirt the floors.

Thus, if you can care this two point, you can have this dog breed.


Basic Information About Newfoundland


Name: Newfoundland

Lifespan: 8~10 years

Height: 63~74cm

Weight: 45~70kg

Origin: Canada, England

Hair Color: Black, Grey, Brown, Black &White

Size: Super-Big

Characteristics: Calm, Kind, Easy to Train


The summary of things you should know when you have “Newfoundland” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Newfoundland into your family.



Barney's Mountain Dog


Barney’s Mountain Dog has the big and strong body. However, it is heartwarming and lovely.

The beautiful hair is also attractive.




Barney’s Mountain Dog has been used for farming and guard dog, and carrying things in cold Alps.

Thus, the dog is strong to cold but not hot weather.

The dog is kind and calm.

It also loves socializing with the human so it might be better to have this dog inside of the house.


One thing we need to be careful is that the aging is fast so the lifespan of the dog is short.

The dog is easy to get arthritis and gastritis; please be careful not to stress them.

If they gain weight, the weight exert on joint and stomach. So please divide the meals into several times.

The dog is the super-big dog, so you need to train the dog not to attack people.

If you train well, the dog would be the perfect partner because the dog is very lovely.


Basic Information About Barney's Mountain Dog


Name: Barney’s Mountain Dog

Lifespan: 6~8 years

Height: 58~70cm

Weight: 36~50kg

Origin: Switzerland

Hair: Long and Double Coated

Hair Color: Black, White, Brown

Size: Super-big

Characteristic: Obedient and Honest

First Use: Sheepdog and Work Dog

Caution: Short Lifespan, Easy to Getting Disease


The summary of things you should know when you have “Barney’s Mountain Dog” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Barney’s Mountain Dog into your family.





Leonberger was made in 1846 in Germany.

The face is black, and it is made to mimic lion.




Dog Like a Lion


Leonberger was made by breeding of Newfoundland and St. Bernard to make it looks more like a lion.

The appearance is majesty and loved by nobles.

Since it has the blood of Newfoundland, the fingers shapes are webbing. So the dog sometimes works as ocean rescue dog.

It is a super-big dog. However, it is very lovely and friendly and does not bark so much.

This dog is not suitable for a guard dog but good for pet dog because it loves the human.


Leonberger is the smart dog and easy to train, however, we still need to be careful so that the dog would not attack people.

Please tell the dog that the owner is the leader.

The good way to train the dog is to praise the dog when it listens to the owner. Please start this training from early age.

The dog loves to please owners, so it is popular for a pet dog.


Basic Information About Leonberger


Name: Leonberger

Lifespan: 8~9 years

Height: 65~80cm


Origin: German

Hair: Smooth

Hair Color: Yellow, Red, Brown, and the face is black

Size: Super-Big

Characteristic: Obedient, Honest, friendly

Caution: Short Lifespan, Easy to get disease


The summary of things you should know when you have “Leonberger” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Leonberger into your family.





Rottweiler is suitable for Livestock Guardian Dog and police dog.

The dog is strong and brave, so if you train well, it would be an excellent guard dog.




Rottweiler was used for guard dog to protect owner and groups of cow in of Rome military. cow.

It also protected the owner.

This dog is suitable for a guard dog, and it is also offensive, so you have to be very careful to train this dog.

If not, you cannot handle the dog, and it would attack people.

Exhaustive training is required from the early stage.

The training is difficult for the beginners so it might be better to train in dog training school. 


Basic Information About Rottweiler


Name: Rottweiler

Lifespan: 8~10 years

Height: 56~69cm

Weight: 35~60kg

Origin: Germany

Hair: Short and Hard

Hair Color: Black and Tan

Size: Big

Characteristic: Obedient, Brave

First Use: Guard Dog


The summary of things you should know when you have “ Rotweiler ” is below.

Please read this article if you want to welcome Rottweiler into your family.



Summary of Dog Breeds:Lastly


We introduced the recommended dog breeds.

Now, let's reflect them!


Page 1: 


<Super-Small dog: Under 5kg>

Italian Greyhound


Japanese Chin

Toy Poodle


Bichon Frize

Petit Bula Vanson



Miniature Pinscher

Yorkshire Terrier


Page 2 :


<Small Dogs: Under 5~10kg>

West Highland White Terrier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Shih Tzu

Jack Russell Terrier

Jaoanese Spitz

Norfolk Terrier



Boston Terrier

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Dachshund


Page 3 :


<Middle Size Dog: Under 10~20kg>

American Cocker-Spaniel

English Cocker-Spaniel

Welsh Corgi Pembroke



Shetland Sheepdog


French Bulldog

Border Collie

Miniature Bull Terrier


Page 4 :


<Big Dogs: Under 20~40kg>

Irish Setter

Afghan Hound

Alaskan Malamute

Airedale Terrier

Old English Sheepdog

Golden Retriever




Page 5 :


<Big Dogs: Under 20~40kg>Part 2

Siberian Husky

Shar Pei

German Shepherd Dog




Basset Hound

Flat Coated Retriever


Page 6 :


<Big Dogs: Under 20~40kg>Part 3


Bull Terrier

Bouviers de Flanders

Hokkaido Dog



Labrador Retriever



Page 7 :


<Super-Big Dogs: Over 40kg>

Akita Dog

English Mastiff

Great Den

Great Pyrenees


St. Bernard

Tibetan Mastiff



Barney's Mountain Dog





We introduced dog breeds in this article.

You might have seen the dog breed that you never saw, and the one that you already knew before.

We hope that you found the favorite dog in this article.


The history of dog and human is long, and they have been together as life partners.

Even now, there are many people who wish to have the dog.

If you could find the dog that match you most, it would be your best partner.


There might be people who decided to have dog.

For those people, please read the article which are needed to understand about having dogs more.


・Article about having dog, cost, training, foods and disease

・How to select dog foods? Summary of recommended dog foods.

・Summary for recommended dog toys


If you read those articles, you can feel closer to dogs.

Please do not thoughtless when you have the dog because it has the life as same as the human.


We hope dogs would be welcomed to the families that love them very much.

Also, if there are any dog breeds that you would like to know, please contact Petpedia Editing Department .