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70 Popular Dogs! The Article About Pet Dogs Classified By Weight!

There are over 700 to 800 dog breeds in the world.
We, Petpedia Editing Department, will classify dog types by weight and introduce them!

We hope this article can be helpful for those who want to know about dogs, and plan to have dog in the future.



<Big Dogs: Under 20~40kg>


Irish Setter


Irish Setter was born in Ireland as it is obvious from the name suggests.

“Setter” stands for the lying down “setting” that hunting dogs take in front of the chase.




From a long time ago, the dog is active in hunting.

On the other hand, the dog with longer neck started participating in the dog show, and became popular.

Irish Setter is the dog breed is good hunting and show dog.


The characteristic is active and mentally strong which is suitable for hunting.

It is also socially active, so it didn't like fighting with other animals and human.

Thus, we can say this dog is categorized as the easy dog to have.

However, the careless characteristic makes it difficult to follow the rules especially in toilet .


Basic Information About Irish Setter


Name: Irish Setter

Origin: Ireland

Characteristic: Active, Friendly, Lovely, Independent

Lifespan: 12~15 years

Weight: 24~32kg

Height: 55~67cm


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Afghan Hound


Afghan Hound was born in Afghanistan as we can assume from its name.

Hound stands for the one category of hunting dog.

Hunting dogs can be divided into two groups, one is the sight hound which is good for seeing, and the other is scent hound which is good for smelling. Afghan Hound is categorized as sight hound.

The legs are developed to run faster to hunt animals. 




Among the dog breed, Afghan Hunt is the oldest one.

They were found more than 5000 years ago.


It became famous in dog show with the beautiful long hair and stylish appearance.

Also, Afghan Hound has been kept by wealthy people in the world.


It is important for the dog to have enough exercise because of the ability of hunting.

Without the walking of 2 hours in a day, the dog would be stressed out.

The family who cannot prepare enough time for them might not be suitable to have this dog.

Thus, we can say this dog is for advanced owners.


Basic Information About Afghan Hound


Name: Afghan hound

Origin: Afghanistan

Characteristic: Stiff, Funny, Active, Majesty, Independent

Lifespan: 12~14years

Weight: 26~34kg

Height: 60~74cm


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Alaskan Mamute



It is said that the origin of Malamute is Malamute tribe in Norton Sound in Alaska.

It looks like the wolf and Siberian Husky .




A Dog Breed With Strong Body


Since the dog was raised in the Arctic Circle, it has very tough body.

They used to hunt polar bear and seals, and brought them back to village by a sled.

Thus, the dog has the power to kill the animals and walk many miles.

We can assume that this dog is obedient and easy to have.

However, unlike Siberian Husky , Alaskan Malamute is the big dog, so you need to prepare enough space to exercise and tons of foods.


Basic Information About Alaskan Malamute


Name: Alaskan Malamute

Origin: America

Characteristic: Active, Obedient, Friendly, Majesty

Lifespan: 10~12 years

Weight: 32~43kg

Height: 55~66cm


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Airedale Terrier


Airedale Terrie is the kind of dog that was born in Airedale Valley in Yorkshire, England.

The name sometimes abbreviated into Airedale.

This is the biggest dog among the other Terrier dogs, and it is called “king of Terrier.”




This dog is active as police dog with its brave behavior that is gift in hunting.

In Japan, Japanese army used to import the dog from England and use it for military purpose.


This dog breed is unyielding and confident.

Certainly, it is the characteristic of Terrier dog.


Since it is the biggest terrier, the dog needs the huge amount of exercise.

We should prepare more than 1hr per day for exercise.


Basic Information About Airdale Terrier


Name: Airedale Terrier

Origin: England

Characteristic: Active, Wariness, Friendly, Confident, Brave, Smart

Lifespan: 10~12 years

Weight: 18~29kg

Height: 56~61cm



Old English Sheepdog



Old English Sheepdog is big shepherd.

It is usually called “OES”.

Shepherd is the dog that worked for watching sheep. For instance, Shetland Sheep dog is one of the famous shepherd.

Shetland Sheepdog had a role of chasing sheep, and Old English Sheepdog had the role of watching and leading sheep.

They had different jobs even though they are both shepherds.


Since Old English Sheepdog didn’t need running, the tail was cut off.

This is because the old-time people need the sign that this dog cannot be taxed.

The tail is usually cut off so its nickname was “bob-tail (no tail)”.


The body is masculine, and hair grows long to cover the body.

You cannot see their facial expression because of the long hair.

The regular combing is needed, and it requires obedient training to be a good partner because of the history as the shepherd.

The characteristic is friendly, and loves playing so once you become a good friend, you can live together peacefully.

In the U.S., the dog is called “nanny dog” because it looks after human kids very well.


Basic Information About Old English Sheepdog


Name: Old English Sheepdog

Origin: England

Characteristic: Love playing, high adaptation ability to the environment, Smart, Friendly, Social-active

Weight: 27~54kg

Height: 51~61kg



Golden Retriever


When we translate Golden Retriever, it means “Gold Collector”.

As the name suggests, the dog is used for collecting birds after hunting it in waterside.




A Dog Breed that Loves Human


One of the main characteristics of the dog is that the dog loves human.

Thus, Golden Retriever is suitable for a therapy dog.

Many dogs work in nursing home to heal elderly are Golden Retriever.


After 2 years, the dog become calm and kind, however, they are very active until then.

In the early stage, they need playing, however they sometimes stuck toys in their throat.

It would be good for them to play with bolls and flying disc to excite the instinct as the retriever.

They are very friendly and love human, so please make sure to have time to play together.


Basic Information About Golden Retriever


Name: Golden Retriever

Origin: England

First Use: Collector

Recent Use: Companion, Gun Dog, Competition Dog, Care Dog

Lifespan: 12~13 years

Weight: 27~36kg

Height: 51~61cm


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The white hair is the attractiveness of this dog.

This dog is famous because it is often introduced in TV shows.




Winter Dog


Samoyed from Russia has white and fluffy hair.

This hair is perfect for protecting from the cold weather and hide in the snow.


Unlike its cute appearance, the dog was used for leading sleds in Russia.

When we hear about the information, doesn’t sound the dog stronger?


Though this dog is very powerful, the characteristic is calm.

They also listen to what human say so many people start having this dog as the pet.


In Japan, we need to consider the weather to have this dog.

Slice the dog has the hair that can bear in the weather in Russia, the summer in Japan is too hot for the dog.

We need to turn on air conditioner during the stay in home, and think about the time for walking outside.


The dog doesn’t like hot weather, so it sometimes breathes with hanging tongue.

This face looks like the dog is smiling, so it is called Samoyed Smile.

I am sure that the Samoyed Smile attracts many people.


Basic Information About Samoyed


Name: Samoyed

Lifespan: 8~10 years

Height: 50~60cm

Weight: 18~26kg

Origin: Russia

Hair: Fluffy

Hair Color: White

Size: Big


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In Middle East, dogs were considered as dirty, except Saluki.

Human has kept Saluki as hunting dogs, and the history of this dog is the oldest one among other dogs. The origin of Saluki is B.C. 8000~10,000.




This dog with such long history, Saluki is very heart warming dog.

It also doesn’t have a certain smell of dog, so this is suitable for pet dog to have inside of a house.

As hunting dogs, they are categorized as seeing hound, and they have long legs to run fast.

It can run 70km per hour.

This speed is faster than Gray Hound.


Basic Information About Saluki


Name: Saluki

Lifespan: 12~14 years

Height: 58~71cm

Weight: 18~27kg

Origin: Middle East

Characteristic: Shy, Stiff, Quiet, Smart

Hair Color: Gold, White, Red, Fawn, Cream, Tan